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visit inDeauville and its surroundings

The green way, which links Deauville to Saint-Arnoult © Etienne Chognard
The green way, which links Deauville to Saint-ArnoultEtienne Chognard

The world is more beautiful by bike. InDeauville, greenways, cycle paths and national cycle routes are a source of escape and contemplation for lovers of walking and experienced cyclists. Smell the sea spray from the long seaside dykes between Deauville and Bénerville-sur-Mer, watch the horses treading the straight track of the Deauville-La Touques racetrack, ride the paths of the Pays d'Auge with an inspired guide... The itineraries offer a glimpse of all the facets of the territory. So, let's all get in the saddle!


Three bicycle loops

The seaside from Deauville to Bénerville-sur-Mer, to feel the sea spray

From the Pont des Belges, the link between Deauville and Trouville-sur-Mer, a bicycle path has been laid out to go around the Presqu'Île de Deauville, a new district where it is pleasant to stroll. On the east wing, the Rives de la Touques Parkthe city's green lung. All along its path, the Touques estuary guides passers-by and offers an exceptional view of Trouville-sur-Mer, its fishing boats, its unmissable fish market and its imposing casino. On the west wing, the Bassin Mornytoday enhanced with its new port buildings. new port buildingsTwo lookouts are located on each side of the basin and linked by a footbridge. Good news: the belvedere installed on the Presqu'île is open to the public and offers a breathtaking view from a height of almost 30 meters!

The Rives de la Touques Park and its view on Trouville-sur-Mer © Naïade Plante
The Park of the Rives de la Touques and its view on Trouville-sur-MerNaïade Plant
The Rives de la Touques Park and its view on Trouville-sur-Mer © Naïade Plante
Naïade Plante
The Belvederes of the Presqu'île © Naïade Plante
The Belvederes of the Presqu'îleNaïade Plant

Cross the footbridge to connect Port-Deauville and its marinasthen take the Boulevard Cornuché. Our advice: after walking along the Lycée André-Maurois, reach the seawall. It is 770 meters long and goes around the basin and the buildings with orange, yellow and blue facades. Continue to the point to observe a majestic panorama on the piers and the beach of Trouville-sur-Mer.

To reach the beach of Deauville, note that the promenade des Planches is forbidden to bikes. However, it is possible to walk with your bike in hand. Don't resist the call to swim; put your bike down and enjoy the water of the English Channel! At the end of the Boards begins the Michel d'Ornano Promenade which runs along the Parc des Lais de Merfollowed by the Promenade Louis Delamarre in Tourgéville where you pass in front of the imposing Villa Mors. If you continue straight ahead, you will arrive in Bénerville-sur-Mer. Here, the atmosphere is family oriented, as evidenced by its large children's club and its inflatable games. Not far from here, vacationers lounge on the beach at the foot of the blue and red cabins, which forge its identity. To return to your starting point, turn around and go to the Villa sur la Plage in Tourgéville to take the Boulevard Cornuché by the traffic circle. A beautiful end of stroll punctuated by the numerous half-timbered residences and the historical Hôtel Barrière Le Royal*****.


The Villa Mors, seen from the Louis Delamarre promenade in Tourgéville © Laurie Lopez
The Villa Mors, seen from the Louis Delamarre promenade in TourgévilleLaurie Lopez
The beach huts of Tourgéville © Paloma Gabet
The beach huts of Bénerville-sur-MerPaloma Gabet

Practical information
Access to the peninsula from the Pont des Belges
GPS coordinates : latitude - 49.361156 / longitude - 0.084718
Distance : 8,9 km

Linking Deauville and Saint-Arnoult by the greenway

On the Boulevard Mauger, at the western end of theDeauville-La Touques racecoursea small sign calls out to the immensity of the racetrack. On it, one can read"Véloroute Littorale. Pt L'Evêque - 17, Saint Arnoult, 3.5". This is where the new green way which connects Deauville to Saint-Arnoult, at the gates of the tracks, where it is possible to see the horses at any time of the day: in training in the morning, in competition in the afternoon on race days. This 4m wide walkway sees lovers on bikes, families on foot, children on rollerblades... and riders on horseback!

After following the long straight track of the racetrack for 1600m, the greenway crosses the Intercommunal Leisure Park of Deauville. This is a paradise for children and sports enthusiasts with its soccer and volleyball fields, its many playgrounds, its footpaths and its area devoted to the observation of trees of various species - reed beds, birds and amphibians. The trail then follows the the banks of the Boucles de la Touques in Saint-Arnoult, where ducks and swans like to wade in peace in the "Dead River". On the left, the stables and quarries of the Pôle International du Cheval Longines - Deauville are revealed; a privileged access for the horses that reach the beach every morning to enjoy the benefits of the sea water. To complete the loop, a new bicycle path links Deauville from the tennis courts of Saint-Arnoult passing by the Avenue Strassburger and its famous eponymous villa.


The green way, which links Deauville to Saint-Arnoult © Etienne Chognard
The green way, which links Deauville to Saint-ArnoultEtienne Chognard
Pedaling along the Dead River in Saint-Arnoult © Etienne Chognard
Pedaling along the Dead River in Saint-ArnoultEtienne Chognard
Along the racecourse of Deauville-La Touques © Etienne Chognard
Along the Deauville-La Touques racetrackEtienne Chognard

Practical information
Access to the greenway by Boulevard Mauger, 14800 DEAUVILLE
GPS coordinates : latitude - 49.357656 / longitude - 0.077557
Distance : 3,8 km

Get drunk on nature at the Marais de Blonville-Villers

Hidden between Villers-sur-Mer and Blonville-sur-Mer, this green lung is one of the three back-sea marshes of Calvados. From the road linking the two towns, it looks like a simple and vast field. However, this singular territory at the interface between the urban and the rural world is a refuge of biodiversity which extends over 120 ha and is crossed by canals, ditches, ponds, reedbeds and paved paths suitable for walking and cycling. This natural area is full of beautiful discoveries for those who know how to look and, better still, have brought their binoculars; no less than 1,100 amphibians, reptiles, birds and other species have been identified in this Norman jungle. Spring is the peak season for the White Stork, the Tree Frog and the Marsh Warbler.

The White Stork ©Emmanuel Schmitt

The White Stork

It has returned to the marsh since 2012 thanks to the platform installed to the west to encourage its nesting. And it works! Each year, 2 to 3 little storks from the same faithful couple fill out the pink book of the marsh.

From April to July

Tree Frog ©Emmanuel Schmitt

The tree frog

Its particularity: it has the ability to climb on plants! The tree frog is not rare but knows how to be discreet. You can nevertheless enjoy its love songs while walking in the evening around the stork platform.

From April to October

Marsh marigold ©Pixabay

Marsh marigold

Of the same family as the Buttercup, the Marsh marigold illuminates the places of its splendid golden yellow at the beginning of spring and gives the top departure of the beautiful days. Affectionate of the wet environments, it is preferably found in the ditches.

From March to May

Three routes are available for bikes and mountain bikes:

  • A walk that crosses the western part of the marsh and bypasses The Paleospace and the large body of water where many birds nest - Distance: 1.2km
  • A circuit "the tour of the marsh" which forms a loop and passes by the white stork platform - Distance : 4,2km
  • A variant of this circuit which goes to the countryside of Auvergne - Distance : 5,5km


Bike ride in the Blonville-Villers Marsh © Grégory Wait
Bike ride in the Blonville-Villers MarshGrégory Wait

Practical information
The marsh is accessible to bikes via several entry points. GPS coordinates :
- Avenue Michel d'Ornano: next to the beach campsite (latitude - 49.335011 / longitude - 0.019966) or opposite the crosswalk directly to the sea (latitude - 49.333147 / longitude - 0.016337)
- Crossing between the Chemin des Rangs and the Chemin du Lieu Chesnay: latitude - 49.325568 / longitude - 0.019099
- Le Chemin du Lieu Pieuge : latitude - 49.324877 / longitude - 0.021390
- Avenue de la Brigade Piron : circuit "tour du marais" (latitude - 49.324178 / longitude - 0.036452) or variant (latitude - 49.331978 / longitude - 0.035215)
- Rue Henry Millet : latitude - 49.334673 / longitude - 0.030404


Riding a bike

with a guide or on your own

Bike tour of Deauville and Trouville-sur-Mer with Les Balades de la Côte Fleurie ©William Le Coq

Guided tours

InDeauville can be explored with professional local guides who are passionate about their region. The history of Deauville and Trouville-sur-Mer, the Belle Epoque architecture of Cabourg and Dives-sur-Mer and a tantalizing escapade in the heart of the Pays d'Auge to visit the artisanal Calvados Christian Drouin distillery are all itineraries packed with anecdotes that aresure to charm visitors.

Bike rental ©Sandrine Boyer-Engel

Bike rental companies
and other frames

In order not to get bogged down during your stay, many rental possibilities are available to you to appreciate each little corner of beauty of the Côte Fleurie. If classic, electric or all-terrain bicycles populate the windows of the rental companies, change your mount and trade in the cycles for a tandem, a rosalie, a conference bike and why not an electric scooter!

Calvados by bike

Honfleur. A cycling adventure in Normandy with Matthieu Tordeur © Thomas Le Floc'H
Honfleur. A cycling adventure in Normandy with Matthieu TordeurThomas Le Floc'H

Join Merville-Franceville from Caen along the water, venture into the wooded lands of Suisse Normande, explore the D-Day landing beaches between Arromanches-les-Bains and Courseulles-sur-Mer, sail between Mézidon-Canon and Livarot to discover the apple tree shaded meadows or walk the paths of the Norman Bocage as far as Bayeux... Whether they are 8 or 66 km long, gastronomic or historical, the bike rides offered in Calvados have so much to offer.


The main routes

to explore the regions

Les Andelys. A cycling adventure in Normandy with Matthieu Tordeur ©Marie-Anaïs Thierry

The Seine by bike, from the river to the English Channel

Reaching Deauville or Le Havre from Paris, without traffic jams, just by pedaling: a dream come true. Opened in October 2020, the Seine à Vélo (V33 ) will delight experienced cyclists and adventure-seeking bicycle enthusiasts on 420 km of bicycle paths. Along the river, this new bicycle route crosses eight departments, namely Paris, Seine-Saint-Denis, Hauts-de-Seine, Yvelines, Val-d'Oise, Eure, Seine-Maritime and Calvados. With each pedal stroke, the route reveals treasures at the crossroads of historical, architectural, cultural and gastronomic riches: Giverny and Honfleur, cradles of impressionism, La Roche-Guyon, the only "most beautiful village in France" in the Île-de-France region, Rouen, nicknamed "The City of a Hundred Spires", Berville-sur-Seine and Jumièges linked by apple orchards, Berville-sur-Seine and Jumièges linked by the apple, plum or cherry orchards of the Fruit Route, Le Havre classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site or Deauville, its beach, its racecourse and its parasols, the long-awaited climax of this adventure on two wheels.

La Vélomaritime, Bruneval ©Clara Ferrand

The Vélomaritime, from Brittany to the Belgian border

It winds its way through the most beautiful landscapes of three French regions, its marked and secured bicycle paths extend over 1500 km, its maritime route flirts with the English Channel and the North Sea; it is the Vélomaritime. From the corsair city of Roscoff in Brittany to the gates of Belgium in Dunkirk, the coastline is sometimes steep, sometimes wild, sometimes escaped from the crowds, but always reveals magnificent panoramas on the sandy coves with turquoise waters. From east to west, the bicycle route crosses mythical natural and historical sites such as Cap Fréhel, the Pink Granite Coast, Mont-Saint-Michel and its bay, Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue and its Vauban Tower classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the D-Day landing beaches from Utah Beach to Sword Beach, the Côte Fleurie (Flowery Coast) from Cabourg to Honfleur, the cliffs of Étretat, and the Bay of the Somme to finish on the Opal Coast. If there are many climbs and descents along the way, the panoramas and beautiful windows on the sea will reward your efforts.


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