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Villerville by the cliffs of Roches Noires

Walking tour

Please note: this hike is only accessible at low tide, check the tide times. At high tide, round trip possible on the coastal path.
The Sensitive Natural Area of ​​Roches Noires overlooks the coast. On the heights, from the Parc des Graves to the Hameau du Grand Bec, at the foot of the cliffs on the beach, this remarkable heritage presents its natural cross section of geological formations of Upper Jurassic age, i.e. 160 million years old.

Departure: Place du lavoir 14113 Villerville


5,1 km




48 m
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Step 2
Cross and walk down Place du Lavoir to Rue Louis Aubert.
Step 3
Turn left on Rue Louis Aubert until the junction with Chemin des Fondrières at the entrance to Parc des Graves.
Step 4
Turn right on Chemin des Fondrières up to the stairs.
Step 5
Turn right on the coastal path, continue on the path to the Hameau du Grand Bec (cross the stairs spanning the stream).
Step 6
Take a right on the path and go down the stairs leading to the beach.
Step 7
Turn right on the beach to the stone dike of Villerville, at the foot of the Parc des Graves.
Step 8
Go up and continue all along the dike to the nautical base.
Step 9
Go up the Lieutenancy stairs to the right as far as the Allée du Jardin Madame.
Step 10
Turn right on Allée du Jardin Madame until the intersection with Rue des Poilus.
Step 11
Turn right on Rue des Poilus until the junction with Rue Abel Mahu.
Step 12
Turn left on Rue Abel Mahu, at the crossroads continue straight on Rue Daubigny, until the junction with Place du Bouloir.
Step 1
At the start and with your back to Villerville Tourisme, turn right on Rue du Général Leclerc until the junction with Place du Lavoir.
Step 13
Turn left on Rue Butin until the junction with Rue Abbé Duchemin.
Step 14
Turn left on Rue Abbé Duchemin until the junction with Rue de l'Eglise.
Step 15
Turn right on Rue de l'Eglise to reach Villerville Tourisme, the starting point.