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Touques, along the Haras de Meautry

Walking tour

Touques is one of the oldest towns in the Pays d'Auge which has preserved an exceptional heritage, including its half-timbered houses, its churches and the famous Haras de Meautry, created in 1875 around a manor dating from the XNUMXth century. and XVII centuries and classified as historic monuments.

Departure: Town Hall of Touques
Place Lemercier 14800 Touques


3,8 km


01:00 noon CEST


44 m
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Step 1
From the town hall of Touques, cross the Place Lemercier and turn right on Rue Louvel et Brière, pass in front of the Saint-Pierre church dating from the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, until the crossing with Rue de Meautry.
Step 2
Take a left on Rue de Meautry, follow the Haras, continue on Chemin de Saint-Pierre until it crosses Chemin de la Coquetière.
Step 3
Take a left on Chemin de la Coquetière until it crosses the Route de Honfleur (D62).
Step 4
Take a left on the Route de Honfleur (D62), walk along the 1926th century Saint-Thomas de Touques church classified as a Historic Monument since XNUMX, continue straight on at the roundabout, until you reach the Place Lemercier, the point of departure.
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