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inDeauville lights up the end of year celebrations. Firs, balls, garlands ... each municipality in the territory has put on its finest clothes of light to make visitors' eyes shine at nightfall.


30 km
Family decorations in Saint-Pierre-Azif
In the small town hall garden decorated in red, white and gold tones, a fir tree decorated with garlands, knots, stars and colored balls rubs shoulders with forest animals. Around, the fences are lined with fir branches decorated with knots. Without forgetting the facade of the town hall which lights up.
The town hall
The town
The magic of the Casino Barrière in Deauville
The Casino Barrière in Deauville draped its facade with light curtains. Its dozens of garlands and its large tree all lit in white give its entrance on the sea side a magical look.
2 Rue Edmond Blanc
Barrier Casino
The gingerbread house of Villers-sur-Mer
On Place Jeanne d'Arc, a luminous sculpture takes the form of a gingerbread 5 meters high, in which you can take a picture! 10 large fir trees are arranged all around, under a sky of garlands with snowfall effect.
Santa's mailbox awaits the children's lists.
Jeanne d'Arc Square
The town
The giant gift from Villers-sur-Mer
A giant 1m tall package and a 80m diameter Christmas ball replaced the traditional green dinosaur, alongside a large fir tree lit by 1m of garland. The light curtains on the facade give the impression that Villa Durenne (Villers-sur-Mer tourisme) is under the snow, facing the sea.
Place Jean-Mermoz
The starry sky of Place Morny in Deauville
The starry sky of Place Morny is made up of 40 light points and more than 000km of garlands. It transforms this unmissable place in Deauville into a magical and magical place. We go there and come back. It is the emblematic place of the illuminations of the city.
Le Neiges Garden at Normandy in Deauville
From the snowy ground to the immaculate fir trees, sleds and vintage skis to the wooden chalet, the whole mountain, in all its splendor, is expressed in the courtyard of Normandy. Light garlands, lanterns and tealight holders will tint this atmosphere worthy of the most elegant chalets with a soft and delicate light.
38 Jean Mermoz Street
The Normandy
The light trail of Villers-sur-Mer
Many illuminations have been installed throughout Villers-sur-Mer.
If you start from the Tourist Information Office, go up by rue du Maréchal Foche to Villare, and go down by rue du Général de Gaulle, ending with a crossing of the street Michel d'Ornano, we have a nice route to admire the snowflake street crossings, Christmas trees and other decorations.
Returning to the casino along the promenade, candelabras adorn the road along the sea, to finally admire the facade of the beautifully dressed casino with 100 meters of garlands.
7 Street of General de Gaulle
The luminous course with trees of Touques
The entire historic center of Touques is illuminated during the holidays!
The Saint-Pierre and Lemercier squares each house a large 5-meter fir tree decorated in blue and white, to remind you of snowy winter nights, and adorned with numerous garlands.
A dozen fir and birch shrubs make up a small wood at the entrance to rue de la Reine Mathilde, while the pillars of the covered market are decorated with vegetable garlands just like the arches and the contours of church doors Saint Pierre.
About fifty other trees and lights hung on the lampposts are scattered in the main streets, going from rue Saint-Andreasberg to rue du Docteur Lainé.
Saint-Pierre square
The North Pole at Vauville
The town hall square of Vauville takes on the appearance of the North Pole with its igloos, polar bears, penguins and Christmas figures. A 7-meter-tall fir tree and a dozen small trees, dressed in light garlands, provide a warm atmosphere that is inspired by winter nature!
Town Hall Square
The illuminated orchard of the town hall of Deauville
With their nodes, balls and garlands of light, white fir trees and trees transform the town hall garden. Light stalactites descend from the facade. It's even more magical when the chime rings (at a fixed time)!
The town hall
20 Robert Fossorier Street
The miniature Christmas village of Blonville-sur-Mer
Passionate about miniature villages representing Christmas, Louis Germain has been collecting illuminated small houses, snowy decorations, windmills, lampposts, rides, church, little trains, characters of all kinds, and of course Santa Claus for many years. It is now a real traditional miniature mountain village that you can admire.
Boulevard Marcel Lechanteur
Market place
The Villare dresses for the holidays
The Villare de Villers-sur-Mer has a facade dressed in lights thanks to 50 meters of garlands reminiscent of snow. At the entrance, you can see 5 large fir trees decorated with colored balls.
26 Street of General de Gaulle
The masterpieces of the Deauvillais
The inhabitants of the Verdun district are full of imagination to make the Christmas spirit shine on the facades of their houses and in their gardens.
Verdun Street
The majestic water lilies of the port of Deauville
In the Morny basin, 2 white water lilies float among the boats. At nightfall, their white light is reflected on the water.
The Morny basin
Empress Eugenie quay
The light curtains of Blonville-sur-Mer
On the facade of the town hall, curtains of light and stalactites descend. The large trees are covered with garlands from the trunk to the branches and the lampposts present their balls of white light one meter in diameter. At the roundabout, the white fir trees change color, oscillating between blue, green or red.
Gaston Lejumel Place
The light curtains of the town hall of Villers-sur-Mer
On the facade of the town hall, light curtains descend over 5 meters long, giving a snowfall effect. In the planters on each side of the staircase, two large luminous gifts of one meter by one meter suggest the imminent arrival of Santa Claus.
Du General de Gaulle street 7
Lights on the town hall of Bénerville-sur-Mer
While many garlands in Christmas colors drape the town hall, a large tree 5 meters high and decorated with numerous garlands lights the sea side entrance to the city.
2 Rue du Ricoquet
Starry night in the forest of Saint-Gatien-des-Bois
Inspired by the forest that surrounds it, Saint-Gatien-des-Bois has installed a forest atmosphere in the town hall's garden, with white painted fir trees, animals and wooden mushrooms. To remind the snow, the facade of the town hall is lit with garlands. Opposite, the church doors are framed by two 2-meter white fir trees and light curtains.
The adjoining streets are illuminated and the lampposts carry bright stars.
18 rue des Brioleurs
Olaf of the Snow Queen in Villers-sur-Mer
During the holidays, Olaf left the Snow Queen to settle in front of the school in Villers-sur-Mer. Two meters high and accompanied by an even bigger fir tree decorated with garlands of colors and red bows, it will delight people who want to take pictures of themselves.
7 Street of General de Gaulle
Saint Arnoult in red, white and gold
The center of Saint-Arnoult is adorned with Christmas colors and dressed in red, white and gold. On the roundabout, a large 5-meter fir tree decorated with garlands and colored balls dominates the 35 other trees installed throughout the village.
Place André Chotard
Villerville in Christmas colors
In Villerville, the streets of the center of the town, Place du Lavoir and the town hall form a nice little route of light and typical Christmas decorations.
Lavoir Square

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