Multi-purpose circuit

inDeauville, sports practice is encouraged and open to all levels. Outdoor and self-service sports equipment (exercise modules, multi-sports grounds and skate parks) are available in its natural spaces designed to build muscle, stay in shape, share a team spirit, perform technique a simply relax.
Facing the sea, surrounded by greenery or along the marsh, what if we put more sport into our lives?


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Sports area Le Nouvel Espace Touquais
Multi-generational and accessible to people with disabilities, the New Espace Touquais provides access to equipment adapted to everyone's abilities, from pre-teens to seniors. All the apparatus can be connected digitally thanks to a QR code to be scanned with your smartphone, allowing everyone optimal use according to their level.
Charles de Gaulle Avenue
Behind the Levillain gymnasium
The sports area of ​​the sea lays of Deauville
After the Promenade des Planches, along the beach, the Parc des Lais de Mer is the favorite playground for sports enthusiasts with its dozen fitness modules to work on your abs, thighs, arms...

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Sea leash
The intermunicipal leisure park
A place for strolling and relaxation made up of playgrounds, footpaths, the park also includes two fitness stations with a weights area with 6 pieces of equipment allowing you to perform 48 exercises and a stretching area with 7 pieces of equipment allowing you to do 25 exercises.
Verdun Street
The Deauville Skatepark
Here there are 500m² of surfaces reserved for the practice of skateboarding, scooters or even BMX. For connoisseurs, a bowl 2,20 meters deep allows you to "do 8" by picking up speed, centrifugal style. It is connected to the street part with two back-to-back curves and sliding bars, low walls, steps... Everything has been designed to suit a wide audience of all ages, beginners and experienced practitioners, who share advice and tips on the convivial space of 240m2!
Michel d'Ornano walk
Deauville multisports ground
On this multisport field, the markings on the ground and the "goals" include all signage for playing football, handball and basketball.
Michel d'Ornano walk
Villers-sur-Mer sports and health trail
In this sports and health area facing the sea, bicycles and hand-bikes connected to an application downloadable via QR code provide access to settings, increase the difficulty, or record performance.
On the marsh side, 11 new pieces of equipment line the edges of the footpaths and thus complete the sport-health course in Villers-sur-Mer.
Esplanade Jean Moulin and marshes
Sports and health trail in the Marais de Blonville-sur-Mer
The Marais de Blonville-sur-Mer fitness trail includes 7 fun exercises to adapt according to your objectives: pull-ups, abdominals, slaloms, obstacle jumps...

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Villers-sur-Mer skate park
Available to young and old riders from 8 years old accompanied by an adult: a quarter, an inclined plane, a fun box, a grind module and a slide bar. These modules are exclusively reserved for the practice of skateboarding, BMX and rollerblading (prohibited for mountain bikes and scooters).
Rue du Stade André Salesse

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