August 19, 2022

This week, we follow the paddle crossing of François Asse

In summer camp, as a kid, François Asse witnesses on the beach of La Baule the triumphant arrival of Stéphane Peyron who had just crossed the Atlantic on a windsurf board. The moment remains etched. "This man arriving alone from this vast expanse of infinite water and treading the sand so simply... after having braved the storms, the raging seas for days" leaves him in awe. Prowess, commitment, resistance, he is an inspiring hero.

35 years later, François is a seasoned athlete. "Solo paddler", among other things, he is a fan of long crossings. The first time, it linked Rozel on the west coast of Jersey to Rozel, a town in the Manche department, i.e. 33 kilometres. With the diagonal Saint-Vaast-La-Hougue - Deauville, he tries a new record of 100 kilometers exactly. 
He has been training for months, nearly 800 kilometers according to the latest news, at sea but also in the pool on more precise exercises.

Diagonal crossing map 100

A determined athlete

Francois is 40 years old. He is married, father of two children and works as a building expert in Caen. 
Sport is part of his life. Gymnastics, very young up to sports studies and competition in Lisieux. Then tennis, windsurfing and more generally sliding sports; paddleboarding for five years. But also motorsport, snowboarding and krav-maga. Tireless! 

He chose Deauville as his destination because he was born there and his family has lived on rue de Verdun for a long time. He therefore spent his childhood on the beach where he will arrive.

The departure is scheduled for Saturday August 20, 2022 at 21 p.m. in Saint-Vaast-La-Hougue at the foot of the lighthouse at the end of the dike where the follower boat and its crew will be ready.
A night phase of more than 9 hours will be the major difficulty and will mark the crossing.
The arrival is scheduled for Sunday August 21 at 16 p.m. on Deauville beach, in the axis of rue Pasteur. The space will be materialized by a hedge of parasols and kakemonos.
Regular updates will be made during the crossing on the dedicated Facebook and Instagram accounts: @diagonale100.

Arrival card Diagonal 100
See you on the beach on Wednesday 17 from 12 p.m.!
Francois Asse by photosportnormandy
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Image: photosportnormandy
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Sharing experience, passion and desire

At the end of June, François Asse went to meet the schoolchildren of Deauville. He likes to share his sporting experiences and emotions. In Fracasse, the children discussed maritime safety issues and the organization of the crossing. The audience was very interested and quite knowledgeable of the rules to follow: observe where the wind comes from, look at the color of the flags...

From the "Rozel to Rozel" challenge, he shared his dream with children hospitalized at Caen University Hospital. For this new adventure, the communication and culture team at the hospital responded to expand François' audience. In addition to the pediatric service, there is the Clémenceau child and adolescent psychiatry service, the Hérouville medico-psychological reception center and the mobile intensive care team at Esquirol. The exchanges take place during workshops on different subjects: preparation, analysis of the weather, marine fauna and flora, etc.

Paddle close-up 721x500 PG
Meeting with the students of the Fracasse school at the end of JunePaloma Gabet
Francois Asse school intervention Fracasse 721x500 PG
Meeting with the students of the Fracasse school at the end of JunePaloma Gabet

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