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June 28, 2021

This summer inDeauville, your children are full of sports courses!

Sports courses for children

This is surely the recurring question that all parents ask themselves as summer approaches: how to occupy our little darlings during the school holidays? InDeauville gives you the answer: register your children for sports camps! From Monday to Friday, they learn to ride a horse, learn tennis, hoist the mainsail and can even combine all these disciplines with the multisport formulas. Playful, educational, friendly and energetic, the sports camps offer a moment of sharing in a group with always the same objective: to create their best holiday memories.


Water sports courses

for a vitamin-packed summer

Catamaran, kayak, houseboat, wave-ski or wingfoil, water sports are a must for summer activities on the Côte Fleurie; the calm waters of the English Channel are suitable for safe learning and suitable for little vacationers.

Sailing can be learned from 6 years old with the Pole Nautique Villers-Blonville thanks to the moussaillon course. On a collective boat, the children discover the marine environment by mixing navigation and activities on the beach: fishing on foot, discovering the fauna, creating a kite… At 8 years old, they take place on a kayak or a wave-ski - halfway between surfing and kayaking - with Concept Sport Emotion to learn about board sports, learn to paddle well and decipher the currents. For 11-year-olds, the Deauville Yacht Club opens the doors of the sailing school to them with 80, 3 or 4 day J5 courses. On the program: prepare a boat, embark, manage your balance, move with the wind, regroup, stop and steer with a bar. The latest in board sports between windsurfing and kitesurfing, wingfoil is a very spectacular and unprecedented discipline which consists of handling a wing held with two hands, "wing". At 17, on a SUP board, you discover new sensations with unprecedented freedom of movement.

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Riding courses

to give birth to a vocation

Do you want to introduce horse riding to your children? Every summer, inDeauville equestrian centers offer them an unforgettable experience with horses during riding courses. Programmed for half a day, a day or a week, little riders from 3 years old alternate their learning between theoretical and practical knowledge. Of all sizes, dresses and origins, ponies and horses have been chosen for their docility and allow children to discover horse riding in complete safety.

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Tennis camps

for a semblance of Roland Garros

Not less than seven tennis clubs are installed inDeauville to teach backhands, forehands and smashes to your children. Supervised by tennis enthusiasts, the courses allow them both to discover a new discipline for beginners or to perfect their technique for the more advanced. On synthetic turf or clay, on an indoor or outdoor court, inDeauville tennis can be played from the age of 5.

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Golf courses

to swing like Tiger Woods

Recognized as one of the most beautiful in France, the Golf de Deauville Barrière offers the privilege of swinging on the heights of Deauville, with the sea and the Auge countryside as the only horizon. With the Académie Golf Barrière by Christophe Pottier, children work on their backspin and other golfing techniques during the Junior Camps courses - with a program of 10 hours of lessons per week - and even have the possibility of passing their flags. Extremely beneficial for the youngest, golf develops their speed, their balance, their motor skills and their coordination.


Junior courses at Golf Barrière Deauville

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Multisport courses

so as not to have to choose

Horse riding, golf, boxing or chess, why choose? The Sporting Camps inDeauville, new in 2021 inDeauville, organize multisport courses over five days and invite children to discover the fundamentals of different sports: tennis, horse riding, golf and water sports. From morning to evening, they are fully taken care of by state-certified professionals, benefit from education adapted to all levels, all have lunch together and are provided with all the necessary equipment. In short, they just have to come dressed in their most comfortable outfit, everything is thought out and organized for them.

Between combat sport and a strategy game, there is only one step. In addition to multisport courses, Sporting Camps inDeauville are offering this summer chessboxing courses (chess = failures, Boxing = boxing). A cross between the game of chess and English boxing, this hybrid and unusual discipline sees two "chessboxers" compete against each other on their physical performance and their cerebral mastery.

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