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Photographer invited to the Planche (s) Contact festival in 2014

© Kristine Thiemann

A graduate of the Hamburg Academy of Photography, after having been an assistant and working in fashion, Kristine Thiemann has been developing interactive work with city dwellers for several years. It seeks to animate or (in some cases) to revive the awareness and attachment that the inhabitants have for their city. With Kristine Thiemann, the residents become accomplices extras, at the center of mischievous and humorous little scenes. The photographer speaks with the locals, looks, scans the environment and the shooting is transformed into a group action, where the models participate in a playful mode to achieve singular images.

Kristine Thiemann likes to stop the evolution of a society, a time when she finds her bearings herself, to narrate her burlesque dreams.

For the 2014 Planche (s) Contact festival, she came with her team in May to meet associations from Deauville. It also recruited extras and models through the press. Quickly entering into complicity with them, Kristine Thiemann invented staggered staging in line with the realities of Deauville.