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It is, with Cherbourg and Lisieux, one of the three Italian theaters in Lower Normandy. It was built in 1910 within the Casino, at the initiative of Eugène Cornuché who relaunched the station by offering it, among other things, an abundant artistic program.

Casino Barrière Theater© Claude Doaré
© Sandrine Boyer
© Claude Doaré

The casino was inaugurated in 1912 by the Ballets Russes. Its architecture is inspired by the Opera of the Palace of Versailles. It borrows from this model the oval-shaped room and the arch supporting the ceiling. The large horseshoe-shaped balcony punctuated by tall wooden columns with fluted shanks. The toile de Jouy marks the decor of the place which has kept its original composition. The stage frame is surmounted by statues of Neptune and Amphitrite (character from Greek mythology).

Today, the theater hosts all the meetings of the Cultural Season of the City of Deauville and a program of shows at the Casino Barrière. It occasionally hosts shows as part of the Deauville festivals. It can also be rented for private events.

© Claude Doaré

The shows agenda

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The great season of Deauville ... the key dates

For its inauguration in 1912, the first season of the new casino is prestigious. Vaslav Nijinsky, flag bearer of Russian ballets, symbol of a revolutionary choreographic form plays on August 16 "The specter of the rose".

Renée Lamy, Jacqueline François, Suzy Solidor, Anny Gould performed there in 1948.

In July 1951, Juliette Greco won the grand prize for French song here with "Je hais les dimanches", on a text written by Charles Aznavour.

From 1949 to 1962, the Marquis de Cueva's ballets performed there for 13 consecutive seasons with great success.

Edith Piaf will be the star of the 1959 season.

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