January 09 2019

Françoise Sagan's words sublimated by choreographer Jean Claude Gallotta

Long-awaited encounter between the words of Françoise Sagan and the dance of Jean-Claude Gallotta. The choreographer, master of the pas de trois, plunged back into Bonjour tristesse. He imagined an echo of a dance of loving feelings, light and loose. A choreography of embraces, danced with passion. Impulses, desires and words, invested and carried by three magnificent dancer-performers.

Guy Delahaye
Jean-Claude Gallotta wanted to juggle between carelessness and seriousness with Sagan's words and life; Sagan the sincere, Sagan the mutineer, Sagan the disillusioned.
Claude-Henri Buffard

Like a trio

Guy Delahaye

"On this unknown feeling whose boredom and gentleness obsess me, I hesitate to append the name, the beautiful grave name of sadness", thus begins, in the fifties the "scandal" Sagan, with this novel of 188 pages of an eighteen-year-old "charming little monster". We are at the start of the post-war boom, an ideal time to be amazed by the “fun”, the carefree spirit, the permanent recreation, the lightness and the will to live in a society in reconstruction. Françoise Sagan, with her dry and rapid voice and writing, with her taste for forbidden and illicit pleasures, is its standard bearer, one of the first faces of the New Wave. This lightness, contemporary dance has hardly taken hold of it. She rarely visited this literature. Deemed too bourgeois? Too futile? Too self-centered?
With Comme un trio, Jean-Claude Gallotta returns to the pas de trois, in the tradition of Daphnis e Chloe, Pandora, or quite recently from the'Foreign according to Camus. From one beach to another, in the murderous sun of theForeign, Hello Sadness responds with a sun in love with desirable and golden bodies in the sand that borders the rowdy villas. And like the writer, the choreographer went fishing for the little crabs that roam the human soul, he saw cruelty, outbursts of perversity, existential doubts.

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Saturday, January 26 2019 - 20:00 p.m. - Casino Barrière de Deauville Theater

Prices: € 26 (Full Price) / € 19 (Reduced Price) / € 6 (Solidarity Price)

In partnership with France Bleu / Normandie

"Like a trio" after "Bonjour tristesse" by Françoise Sagan published by Éditions Julliard
Choreography: Jean-Claude Gallotta
With Georgia Ives, Thierry Verger, Béatrice Warrand
Choreography assistant: Mathilde Altaraz
Dramaturgy: Claude-Henri Buffard
Music: Strigall
Costumes: Marion Mercier assisted by Jacques Schiotto
Light: Benjamin Croizy assisted by Dominique Zape
Scenography: Jeanne Dard

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