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Touques - June 29 & 30, 2019

Hear ye ladies and noble damsels, the moment of a weekend, the City of Touques invites you to go back in time to the era of troubadours and knights.

Because it was the second metropolis of Normandy in the Middle Ages, the City of Touques has offered its preserved heritage every year since 2011 as a backdrop to medieval festivals. For this Chapter IX, the medieval city will set off on the spice route and invite you to relive the era of the Dukes of Normandy ...
The Middle Ages as if you were!

The verdant little village of Touques, since the passage of the Vikings, has turned to the sea and becomes the political and maritime heart of the northern Pays d'Auge. At the dawn of the reign of William the Conqueror, Touques is already a powerful city. The navigators leave our ports for the African coasts and bring back mysterious fruits, precious woods and of course ... ivory and fragrant spices which enrich the counters.
Normandy is confirmed in the land of departure for great adventures ...

In 2019, and like every year, the tavernkeepers await you in the hall and the medieval market is set up in the Grand-rue. The Surgien, the bird show, the troubadours, the musicians and the dancers are scheduled throughout a weekend of delicacies around spices!