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Protected as Historic Monuments in 1975, this imposing residence responds to an order from Baron Henri de Rothschild, a great racing fan. The latter chooses to settle near the racetrack. The villa was erected in 1907 on the site of the Ferme du Coteau, owned by the family of Gustave Flaubert. It can be visited from June to September and by appointment. It can also be rented for private events.


Villa Strassburger exterior© Sandrine Boyer Engel
© Sandrine Boyer Engel
© Sandrine Boyer Engel

This residence, designed by the Caen architect Georges Pichereau, combines references to learned and Augeron architecture. The Norman character is reinforced by the arrangement, around the house, of a vast grassy park planted with apple trees, on nearly two hectares. The base in uncertum opus is surmounted by a ground floor of brick and stone arranged in a checkerboard pattern and a half-timbered floor. A large awning runs over almost all the facades of the villa. The profusion of architectural elements animating the elevations (turrets, bow windows, large terrace on the ground floor) and the recesses of the roofs adorned with ceramic finials reinforce the picturesque character of the place.

Owned by Ralph Beaver Strassburger from 1924, the villa was bequeathed by his heirs to the City of Deauville in 1980.

© Sandrine Boyer Engel
© City of Deauville
© Sandrine Boyer Engel

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The lively character of the exterior is contrasted by the simplicity of the interior volumes. The entrance, oriented to the west, opens onto a central hall which distributes the smoking room, living room and dining room to the north, children's dining room, bedroom and main staircase to the south. This serves the private apartments on the first floor.

Rarely, the villa has kept its period furniture, its decoration, its ornaments and numerous paintings of horses. Many caricatures bear witness to the festivals of the time.



Many villas were requisitioned by the German authorities during the Second World War. Villa Strassburger was then occupied in a personal capacity by the local commander. In 1942, when Normandy was regularly bombed, the villa acquired an underground passage. Built at the back of the house, it ensures the safety of the occupants. In the form of a 45 m long U-shaped corridor. The underground is served by two accesses, which lead to a single room.

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