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46 rue Mirabeau 14800 Deauville
02 31 98 51 66

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- Norman Kir with appetizers
- Scallop of fresh foie gras pan-fried in goat cheese cream with young shoots or Plate of Scottish smoked salmon farmhouse raw cream from the house of Borniambuc or 6 fines de claire N ° 2 from Blainville-sur-Mer
- Beef tenderloin (Norman race), rossini style with Pommeau sauce *, potatoes, bundle of green beans or Bass fillet with virgin battered apple sauce with seaweed or Capon leg confit with death trumpets on a bed of curly leaves
- Plate of Normandy cheeses (Camembert with raw milk, Livarot, Pont L'Evêque) or Tiramisu with white chocolate and raspberry or Fine tart with whipped apples and salted butter caramel
- A glass of champagne*

€ 69 / pers. (excluding drinks)


*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Consume in moderation.