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Henri Le Sidaner


At the turn of the century, Le Sidaner's work took place at the confluence of multiple currents. Without imposing the constraints of a Seurat, it adopts a touch close to pointillism. Without the chromatic radicalism of a fauvist, he associates a kaleidoscope of colors, often yellow, sometimes purple and sometimes green. This connection with the pointillist aesthetic, yet contemporary with Voiliers sur la mer dans le loin, is not evident. However, this canvas tends by different means and in a more impressionistic way, towards a similar effect. The human presence is suggested there as in the works of maturity, and peaceful, the place seems enveloped in silence: an absent presence where the enigma of time can be read. The Sidaner casts a melancholy gaze on things. Sailboats on the sea in the distance is painted as part of a series produced in Honfleur. Like the late impressionists, he was more attached to capturing the effects of light than to capturing matter.