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It is the historic port basin of Deauville. It bears the name of the founder of the city, the Duke of Morny, and is ideally located close to the city center, at the entrance to the city and opposite the train station: it has major advantages, including that of benefiting from all the attentions.

© Béatrice Augier
© Naïade Plante
Fairing area © Naïade Plante

Doors and footbridge, new pontoons, new rings, water and electricity terminals ... The City of Deauville has undertaken the renovation of its port facilities for several years and more generally the rehabilitation of the entire maritime district known as La Peninsula.

The Municipal port is located 300 meters from Place Morny. It is made up of two basins: the Morny Basin and the Yachts Basin.
Nearly 400 boats park there year-round, 60 visitors can moor there. On the city side, the basin is bordered by the Deauville Yacht Club and the sailing school, the fairing area and the port services.

Created in 1928, the Deauville Yacht Club (DYC) organizes more than 15 regattas each year, including Cowes-Deauville, the International Dragon Open and the Laser Championship. With its 250 members, it is the first club in Lower Normandy by the number of licensees. Its vocation is the practice of sailing in all its forms. Its sailing school, labeled Ecole Française de voile, introduces all audiences to navigation, particularly school children. Benefiting from the work to reclaim the peninsula, a new building now houses the DYC offices on the Quai de l'Impératrice Eugénie, with modern sanitary facilities, with access for people with reduced mobility, a library and a 200 m2 room.

The first building in the new district @DelphB
Doors installed in 2005 @ Sandrine Boyer Engel
Fairing area © Naïade Plante
Christian Menard

The Canaries, Cape Verde, the Azores, Bermuda… Christian, a retired salesperson, leaves Deauville each year for sunny destinations. A former marathon runner, he only discovered sailing at the age of 43. At 60, this passion has become his way of life. He resides aboard his 12-meter sailboat moored in the Morny basin. It is there, at the quay that he regulates the details of his solitary migrations.

"I feel good here in Deauville, we are very close to the city center and the atmosphere at the port is always lively and friendly. My floating house is here".

Christian Menard in residence in the Morny Basin