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Le Coteau

This is where it all started. In 1856, Dosville is a village located on Mont Canisy. It dominated a vast area of ​​marshland that extended to the sea, a territory frequently flooded. It then had 104 inhabitants near the Saint Laurent Church.
In 1859, Mayor Jean Louis Auguste Brunet sold these marshes to the Duke of Morny who, with his associates, created the seaside resort of Deauville. The town of Dosville is gradually abandoned. 23 families lived there in 1921.
It was not until 1964 that the City of Deauville reinvested this territory. Two concerted development zones were undertaken in 1971. Today it is a residential district which combines individual houses and social housing.
Its location on Mont Canisy offers a breathtaking view of Deauville and the coast, which can be admired from the cemetery of the Saint Laurent Church.

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