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Jean-Pierre Le Goff

Guest at the 2018 Books & Music Festival

Jean-Pierre Le Goff was born in the suburbs of Cherbourg, of a fisherman-father and a mother born of small traders. He could have worked in slaughterhouses, or become a veterinarian because he was a good student. He will become a sociologist, after some high school rebellions and agitated studies at the University of Caen. But a sociologist, he is already a child. He thus retained all that he observed in family behavior, the beginnings of mass consumption, the war so far and so close, the Tintins and the Paperback, cinema, catechism and funerals, La Hague at the atomic hour, advertising, city lights, women's daily lives, yéyés… So many structures and ruptures that herald the May 68 changeover. Fifty years later, to avoid misunderstanding and recovery, nothing more legitimate than this story, published by Stock: The France of yesterday, the story of an adolescent world, from the 1950s to May 68.

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