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ARQANA organizes sales of horses in the two racing disciplines of galloping and trotting. They take place throughout the year in two sales establishments, the Elie de Brignac establishment in Deauville and the Manège Boussac of the Saint-Cloud racecourse. In Deauville, among the ten or so sales, the Yearling Sale in August dedicated to English thoroughbreds is the most prestigious. It attracts professionals from around the world. 


© Zuzanna Lupa
© Sandrine Boyer-Engel

Arqana, leader in race horse auctions

Deauville is the number one yearling sales place in France and the second on the European market! We can no longer count the number of stars of the grassy tracks having been awarded during the famous “Deauville sales”, which have today become a real quality label in the racing world. Salle Elie de Brignac had its first sale in 1892. Today, managed by the Arqana company, it hosts three sales dedicated to yearlings (horses under 2 years old), two to horses in training and “ready” horses. to run ”, three at breeding and mixed sales and three sales of trotters. 

Staying away from the horses, spend a head in the establishment at the time of sales. The horse presentation round and the auctions are captivating!

The Elie de Brignac Room, carpeted with wood, has a high acoustic quality. It is also a place for concerts twice a year on the occasion of Easter Festival and August Musical.

© Sandrine Boyer-Engel

The sales calendar

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Behind the scenes of August sales


In parallel with the historic races at the Deauville-La Touques racecourse, more than 300 foals and fillies, mostly from large Norman stud farms, parade in the ring. In 2020, Deauville had an exceptional sale: a yearling was awarded to 2,5 million euros! The female is the daughter of Dubawi, a star stallion considered one of the best in the world.