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The famous Norman cheeses

Sometimes known throughout the world, Norman cheeses make the reputation of our region as a Mecca of French gastronomy. There are no less than four flagship cheeses to taste urgently.


One of the most famous Norman cheeses in France and abroad, Camembert has a delicate white crust, known as flowery. Its unique taste has been refined over the ages. One of the secrets of Camembert is that unlike other cheeses it is molded with a ladle.


Foucher Cheese Factory

Neufchâtel or "Neufchâtel candy as it is nicknamed, is the oldest Norman cheese, it dates from 1035! Its very particular shape of heart which distinguishes it from any cheese comes from the War of 100 years, the young girls formed hearts out of cheese to show their affection for the English soldiers! During the production, a piece of the previous cheese was traditionally added to help the development of good bacteria and thus have a better result.


Graindorge cheese dairy

It is distinguished by its beautiful straw yellow color, the Livarot dates from the end of the Middle Ages. It is also unique because it is made from skim milk. The mystery of its color comes when it is refined, it is washed and brushed with a natural vegetable dye called annatto. It is also surrounded with five thin strips of dried reeds.

The Pont-L'Evêque

JP Gratien

The original name of Pont-l'Evêque is actually "Angelot", that of a coin because it served as a means of exchange for wages and taxes. Its current name was not established until the XNUMXth century when it enjoyed great success in the markets of Pont-l'Evêque, it was also the time when it took its square shape to differentiate itself from the Livarot.

Discover the secrets of Norman cheeses!

The Village Fromager Graindorge offers guided tours to learn their manufacturing secrets, also revealing the maturing cellars. You will know everything about their production: from the arrival of milk to the packaging of cheeses! The tour ends with a tasting of a beautiful plate of cheeses. In July and August you can also lean on the cheese bar offering 4 tasting trays to share.

The Village Fromager - Fromagerie Graindorge

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