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June 07, 2021

The espadrilles that make Deauville dance

Virginie Guerriche has just launched a range of espadrilles on the summer shoe market. The result of close collaboration with the City, this licensed product of the Deauville brand cleverly uses its codes: the parasol canvas, its five colors, often associated by two as on the beach, and a high quality of production.

Deauville espadrilles, made from the canvases of Deauville parasols
Deauville espadrilles, made from the canvases of Deauville parasols © Virginie Guerriche

Virginie Guerriche is from Perpignan. She moved to Deauville eight years ago with her husband, Parisian, faithful to the city since her childhood. If taking care of her two children has been fulfilling her for years, she also wants a professional activity. A former gaming professional for twenty years in the south of France, she had a passion for tables for a long time. Today, she is looking for her way far from casinos where slot machines are now smiling on players. And tried to imagine a product that does not exist.

It is in her roots that she finds inspiration: the idea of ​​making Deauville walk in espadrilles - like at home - comes to her on an evening stroll on the beach. Virginie would almost say "make Deauville dance": the espadrille in Perpignan is everyday shoe and folklore. It is also the shoe of the sardana dancers, sung by Charles Trenet in the past ... To "deauvillize" them, she uses the canvas of parasols, all colors ... plus one, navy blue. With creativity, she mixes colors, threads, and soles, some of which have been tinted orange.

Virginie Guerriche, designer of espadrilles
Virginie Guerriche, designer of espadrilles © Bab XIII
Two-tone espadrille
Two-tone espadrille © Bab XIII
One-color espadrille
One-color espadrille © Bab XIII

Sure of her idea, Virginie spent months finding the right craftsman to make Deauville espadrilles. In Spain, she found a workshop capable of working as she saw fit: on braided natural fiber, a lined parasol canvas and a rubber underneath; a comfortable sole with a full-length pad and vegan leather for the first sole.

Once the prototypes were finalized, Virginie Guerriche walked through the doors of the town hall of Deauville where she presented her project and offered a brand license. 1300 pairs constitute his first order, already followed by a second. A heavy investment which does not prevent him from already thinking about the next collection in September.

Nine points of sale have agreed to exhibit its models including Deauville Tourisme from June 12th. A website will soon complete the distribution offer:


Where to find them

  • Deauville Tourisme - Quai de l'Impératrice Eugénie, 14800 DEAUVILLE
  • Sun Boutique - Boulevard de la Mer, 14800 DEAUVILLE
  • Nana Against the Current - 40 Rue des Bains, 14360 TROUVILLE-SUR-MER
  • Chabala - Hyper U shopping center, Chemin du Roy, 14800 TOUQUES
  • The BO store - 10 Rue des Colverts, 14800 SAINT-ARNOULT
  • O'Souliers - 22 Rue Hamelin, 14130 PONT-L'ÉVÊQUE
  • Gray Apple - 32 Rue de la ville, 14600 HONFLEUR
  • Charlotte G - 77 Avenue de la Mer, 14390 CABOURG
  • Galerie Paris Normandie - 24 Rue du Maréchal Foch, 14640 VILLERS-SUR-MER