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As early as 2005, the City of Deauville was studying the creation of a place of culture for Deauville. The donation to the City, in 2011, of 539 paintings by André Hamburg by his wife gives a new perspective to the project. By accepting it, the city undertook to find the ideal setting to promote the painter's work. At the same time, the cession of the Franciscan Convent by the sisters installed in this building since the 19th century offered an exceptional setting for this place of culture of a new kind. They found in the City's project the link of continuity between the past of the place, devoted to reception and education, and its contemporary vocation, defined by mediation and transmission.

Installed in the Franciscan center, the André Hambourg Museum will present the collections bequeathed by Nicole Hambourg to the City of Deauville in 2011 as well as works from other institutions, national and international, requested on loan to allow the public to enter the heart of the creation of this prolific painter in the artistic context of the XNUMXth century. At the rate of an annual rotation of the collections, the visitor will discover the multiple inspirations, artistic periods, countries and themes addressed by André Hambourg. In a desire to reach the widest audience, a rich program will be developed for the André Hamburg Museum: daily guided tours, activities for young people, school groups, mediations for families and invitations from experts and historians art for conferences, etc. All these highlights will punctuate the life of the Museum daily and will widely disseminate the work of André Hamburg.

Web series
Twelve personalities from the media and culture each comment on a work by André Hamburg.

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