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December 28, 2020

The Deauville thalassotherapy center: the ocean in your skin

A partner of the InDeauville brand

Calcium, sodium chloride, cobalt, iron, magnesium, potassium, selenium, zinc ... the trace elements contained in sea water have beneficial effects on the body. The principle of thalasso is to transfer these active ingredients from the water to the body for regenerating, oxygenating, soothing actions ... In Deauville, sea bathing has been practiced since the creation of the city. As in all "seaside" resorts - ethymologically "to stand in a bath" - the benefits of water have brought here spa guests and vacationers, hotels, holiday villas, casinos, racetracks ... More than 150 years later, the principle always remains the same. It takes place at the Thalasso de Deauville, a few meters from Les Planches, facing the sea.

Thalasso DEauville - Stéphanie Hardy - 1290X770 - @utopikphoto
Sea water allows a natural rebalancing of the skin by providing minerals and trace elements, which makes it our best ally in taking care of it.
Stephanie Hardy

As in the XNUMXth century, seawater is still used, but also marine sludge and seaweed-based products in a wide range of treatments adapted to multiple situations. 
Stéphanie Hardy has worked there for 20 years. Holder of a baccalaureate in medical secretary, she trained as a hydro-therapist. When she arrived in Deauville, she provided care, then became responsible for reservations, secretary, assistant to the director and director of the establishment. 

With her team, she works with a doctor, present every Tuesday. The latter validates the cures and adapts the prescriptions to the curists, a mandatory step from three half-days of treatment. Very medicalized a few years ago, the practice of thalassotherapy has evolved a lot. If the medical guarantee remains strong, we now also welcome people looking for a well-being break away from a stressful and fast-paced professional world. The name of the stays is not mistaken: recovering sleep, protecting against burnout, stopping fatigue ... the treatment programs have adapted to a growing demand for resourcing. They are often experienced as a couple and are gifts that we offer to loved ones.

Sea water, algae and sea mud: the well-being trio

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Thalasso - seaweed - 475x710
Thalasso Deauville - Mud- 475x710

In Deauville, in addition to the thalassotherapy pool, spa guests have access to the Olympic seawater swimming pool in the City of Deauville to which it is connected. They benefit from the benefits of seawater pumped offshore and heated. The sea mud comes from the Bay of Mont Saint Michel. Finally, the thalasso, owned by the Algotherm brand, uses its seaweed-based products, drawn from the Iroise Sea, a sea constantly stirred by storms a few miles from the tip of Finistère. There, a marine natural park protects them.

The company established in Landerneau since 1962, works with the greatest respect for the environment. Its laboratory collaborates with marine research universities and continues a long tradition of innovation.

Stéphanie Hardy wishes to enrich its offer of new and different treatments each year beyond the classics. Thus a post-cancer stopover to help support the trauma related to the disease both psychologically and physically or an osteo-aquatic consultation. The team has also been trained in sophrology, reflexology, cranial massage ... 

We advise you

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Deauville Thalasso
Thalasso Deauville - massage - 721x500

This summer, a hydrotherapist was able to practice plantar and cranial reflexology on the beach of Deauville in a well-being area had oc. On the sports club side, the teachers also offer a boot camp on Saturday mornings. Based on military training, it takes club members on board for a walk in the water and training on the sports course of the sea lais.

The Thalasso offers offers that combine accommodation and stays, such as at Villa Beausoleil, a senior service residence, where seniors can stay for a cure of 24 treatments and 6 nights. From the Ibis hotel to the Normandy Barriere hotel via the Chantilly hotel or the Novotel, from the two-day to five-day cure: the site offers a real choice. 
35 people do it every year. 000% come from the Paris region.

Each treatment is available à la carte. And everything is well listed on an ultra simple booking site. A few clicks allow you to understand and immediately make you want to be there. 
Note: each service over 50 euros gives access to the entire establishment. 
Try the hydro-massage bath: in sea water mixed with milk with essential oils (41 €), you will let yourself be massaged by the relaxing pressure of the water.
We also recommend the Bistrot des Planches, the bright thalasso restaurant. In summer, tables are set outside. The dishes are cooked with seasonal products. Some exist in a slimming version.


Deauville and the thalasso in four key dates

Thalasso - the archive boards - 1460x1000
City of Deauville

Like many seaside resorts, Deauville has based its reputation on the practice of sea bathing with curative effects. Several hydrotherapy establishments followed one another in Deauville from 1860, when the city emerged from the ground.

1921 : the Parisian architect Charles Adda (1873-1938) is the winner of a competition organized by the municipality of Deauville to replace the establishment of the baths then very degraded. Innovative, his project entitled "The Pompeian baths" is inspired by models of Antiquity while being part of modernity through clean lines and the use of concrete. An important mosaic decoration breaks the monotony of the concrete. 250 cabins, 50 of which are luxurious, organized in two quarters are built. A network of porticoed galleries, sweat and massage rooms, a hammam, an American bar, a hairdressing salon and shops complete the ensemble. Low and horizontal in composition, the Pompeian baths free the horizon from the casino terrace. The project as soon as adopted is built, then inaugurated on July 5, 1924, in the presence of Denise Gray. 
1966 : Biotherm is building the thalasso at the same time as the Olympic swimming pool that it shares with the Barrière group. 
1998 : the Batteur group, a pharmaceutical group that owns Algothem, becomes the owner of the Thalasso de Deauville to make it the showcase of its brand in France. 
2014 : the year of the renovation after a six-month closure. The place has been completely redesigned: thirty cabins including three doubles, a spa pool, a sauna, hammam, a fitness room, a cardio training room.

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