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The brand in Deauville appears on an international marathon

It is a nice gift for the In Deauville brand. The eponymous marathon will take place for the first time on November 17 on our territory on the initiative of three friends. They are in the starting blocks to share their passion for sport with as many people as possible. Their desire is communicative! It only remains to follow ...

Marathon in Deauville, three friends


If Frédéric Torrès is Norman by adoption, he is even more so at heart. The local of the stage, as they say, displays a high-flying sports course: this accomplished tennis player (former second series) is now director of teaching at Tennis de Deauville and Captain of the teams at Golf Barrière.
Eric, a former amateur footballer and runner since 1998, has already run thirty-three marathons, including fifteen in New York. He created the group of Crazy Runners on Facebook which has more than one thousand six hundred enthusiasts to whom he offers weekly meetings (and free).
Sylvain made a career out of events. He is a skilled skier, he runs the marathon in 2h50, and the Diagonale des Fous in 25h !! Connoisseurs will appreciate ...

All three are in love with Normandy. All three are fans of our region!
Frédéric met Eric Schwartz in Deauville almost… .40 years ago!
Eric knew Sylvain Pasquinelly over twenty years ago. Together they organize "Les 10km de l'Hexagone", a race whose particularity is that it takes place in fifteen cities simultaneously.

The idea came during a training: And if we organized a marathon around Deauville !! ??
Hello in Deauville, what do you think of the idea?
The idea is timely: the route will enhance the whole territory.

After starting at the Casino Barrière Deauville, the route will take runners to the municipalities of Saint-Arnoult, Tourgéville, Vauville, Blonville-sur-mer, Saint-Pierre-Azif, Bénerville-sur-mer, and Saint-Etienne- de-la-Thillaye. The most striking views of the territory in Deauville will follow one another over the kilometers on the country roads and along the coast. Hippodrome, stud farm, beaches, ... runners should enjoy your landscapes.
Eric Schwartz


The event is in the colors of the territory. The organizers share values ​​with the brand in Deauville.
The first is accessibility. The Marathon offers several formats of events: a marathon, a relay marathon of 2 or 4, a half-marathon and a non-timed 5 km for walkers or runners.
The second, sharing a passion for sport. Sylvain, Frédéric and Eric like to tell the stories of those who register for the test. They are already 5700 !!! Individuals who participate for the first time, associations, clubs, companies, ... The adventure is already written on social networks and will continue with us on November 17. Follow our pages to discover the adventure of these passionate athletes like those of the USO in Chelles ...


marathon, uso Chelles

They will disembark in numbers with 25 motivated runners and friends present on all distances.
19 will be at the start of the Marathon and it will be the 1st marathon for 4 of them: Florence, Ludovic, Linda and Yannick. Five runners are positioned on the semi including a first for Sophie.
"Expect to get some atmosphere in the airlocks! We're hot! Hot ! Hot !!! This is not our annual club outing and there were a few of us who wanted to run this first edition of the International Marathon In Deauville. And finally, the group saw itself grow quite quickly ”.

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