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inDeauville is a shared brand and a tool for the development of the region's tourist attractiveness. The brand is accompanied by a tourist program which is constantly renewed around events and themes. It is shared by multiple actors and is very flexible. Its name is based on strong values ​​and a powerful visual universe.

© Sandrine Boyer Engel
© Julien Boisard

In Deauville is inspired by a humanist vision of tourism. The Mayors of the eleven municipalities involved in this approach wanted to build tourism that makes sense for all, built on sharing and a source of enrichment and progress for all.
Her values ​​- meeting and sharing - are the base that guides the territory's relations with its visitors and its stakeholders.
A human relationship, simple and generous. 

Four complementary values ​​are added to these first two. In Deauville wears them almost "naturally".
Culture and creativity who are at the heart of our territory - land of festivals and cultural events throughout the year, a territory that has inspired and welcomed many artistic talents for over a century.
Well-being and pleasure, values ​​that we find in many facets of the territory. A diversity that meets the need for a real break with everyday life.

The brand's promise: stories to share
These stories to share are the stories of the territory, the authentic personal and collective stories, the experiences to live in the territory, the stories of a land of inspiration for artists throughout the century.

Historical seaside destination, the architectural quality of the villas of the end of the 19th century / beginning of the 20th is the starting point for the construction of an aesthetic territory, without false note. This aesthetic, combined with the low population density and the high quality of life, makes this territory a hedonistic space where serenity reigns.
The density of social ties between the inhabitants is a strong identity reality. This wealth of exchanges and sharing contributes to the authenticity of an altruistic territory. Since the end of the 19th century, our destination has historically been a land of inspiration and creativity, arousing the curiosity of painters, photographers and filmmakers.