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Deauville - February 9 to 11, 2018

The College of Possible Worlds brings together intellectuals, experts, authors and actors of public life to nourish a citizen debate around major social questions which are announced for the next decades and which will decide the physiognomy of our common world.


Whether it is a question of religion, ecology, geopolitics, the college aims to mobilize, twice a year, for a public exchange seminar, experts who think and policies, or members of civil society, who act. These meetings consist of producing not only reflection, but also proposals. The College of Possible Worlds will be one of the components of the future place of culture that will open in Deauville in 2019, Les Franciscaines. Polymorphic by its programming and the organization of its spaces, the Franciscans indeed carries, at the heart of its project, the meeting and the sharing of ideas.

Political, climatic, emergency, economic migration - the whole world seems to be caught up in a massive movement. Hundreds of millions of migrants are announced for decades to come. In Europe, the Americas, Asia… No space on the planet seems to have to be spared. It is as if humanity, for a considerable part of its population, has become nomadic. Faced with these migrations, societies seem to be taken aback. How to react ? Regulate? To accompany ? To welcome ? Underline the borders with a stroke? Put up walls? No doubt these migrations are the great unthought of our time.

While the reflection in Europe on migration begins and the drafting of a law in France on the subject begins, the college brings together in February in Deauville, the time of a weekend, people of expertise and people of experience to reflect together and publicly on this beginning of the century, which promises to be "the age of migration".

Philippe Augier, Mayor of Deauville