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17th October

The market bookstore: a place to meet and share, like the inDeauville territory

Fishmonger then decoration store: the bookstore on the market had another life before installing its shelving in 1991. Its founders sold it to David Ezvan in 1999. He was 25 years old and just finished studying history. He hesitates about the job he will choose. He wants to transmit but the teaching seems to him too didactic. He gave up and finally found his way with the bookstore, which he saw as the reassuring framework for meetings from all walks of life and enriching exchanges.

For David Ezvan, being a bookseller in Deauville means participating in its festivals and congresses where he sets up ephemeral bookstores. He likes to meet new readers where they are.

Deauville with its events policy and its location two hours from Paris is for him an ideal place, in constant movement. He likes to meet new readers where they are. He also likes to organize signing sessions, some of which are unforgettable, from Nicolas Sarkozy to Simone Weil for the most memorable. Back in his bookstore, other peaks of activity await him: the start of the new school year, which he has just completed, or the literary start, which each September attests to the great vitality of literature.

Seaside bookstore?

In Deauville, we read a lot of thrillers in summer. But also the outings of the year for holidaymakers who want to catch up on what they missed ...
Its customers - many are Parisians - come on weekends to discover literary news.

Among them, writers, journalists, editors who have chosen the Pays d'Auge as a place of secondary residence.

His book list

“Auguste de Morny, illustrated biography of the most famous of the creators of Deauville”. Because it is written by Yves Aublet, talented historian from Deauville, very well documented and passionate about the creator of Deauville and prefaced by Anne d'Ornano.  
"The intimate diary of Benjamin Lorca" by Arnaud Cathrine, writer friend of the bookstore, neighbor of Deauville. A scene from the book takes place in the premises!

Joy to know

David Ezvan is joyfully involved in all the events that support literature. He is happy to live in a city that places and carries the book wherever possible. At school and at the heart of events. He particularly appreciates that all literary initiatives are supported, encouraged and carried.

His most beautiful encounter

Jo Wajsblat, Polish Jew deported at the age of 15 to Germany and author of the autobiography "The unexpected witness" one day, passed through the doors of his bookstore.

For him, inDeauville is…

A high quality of life which we can benefit more and more from the fact of the increase in telework, mobility, the blurring of the boundaries between work and personal life. Developments that give us more flexibility in the organization of our lives.

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