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Les Franciscaines - October to December 2021

In the largest heritage building in Deauville, a former 6200th century orphanage and convent, magnificently rehabilitated by Alain Moatti, architect, the City of Deauville has imagined and implemented new ways of sharing cultural practices. Multiple, intergenerational and welcoming, associating museum, media library, performance hall… Les Franciscaines brings together in a 2 mXNUMX building, all of Deauville's cultural offer.

In a unique and complementary distribution, the media library's collections are here associated, in common and shared spaces, with the museum's collections. Books and works meet and discover each other in five spaces with welcoming furnishings, called Universes.
The exhibitions are spread out in three specific spaces and the paintings and photographs from the Franciscan collection dot the Universes, near the books that comment on them.
The chapel and its retractable, 230-seat tier host shows, concerts, meetings and conferences.
The cloister, which has become a large room topped with a glass roof and a spectacular chandelier, becomes in turn a reading room, foyer of the auditorium or performance space, with a removable stage.
The programming of shows, meetings and conferences takes into account current events or literary themes. It also occasionally illustrates the themes of the major temporary exhibitions.
By subscribing to a single subscription, visitors and regulars to Franciscans are at the same time or successively, readers, visitors to exhibitions and spectators, before taking up the Fab Lab, experimenting with a set of digital devices or settling down, time a coffee or a lunch, in the Refectory.