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The 46th Deauville American Film Festival, the "Simply Short Film Festival"

Last Tuesday we attended the press briefing of the 46th Deauville American Film Festival, which will take place this year from September 4 to 13. Here is the gist of what we have learned and want to share with you.

A demanding festival, cinephile but not cut off from the public

A festival without the Americans but which carries the hopes of the entire profession

"The initiatives that have been taken by the cinematographic organizers mean that this Festival this year is not only the American Film Festival but it is the Film Festival itself. [...] This 46e edition will be a very big meeting of the world of cinema, all professions combined. It is a chance that this exceptional meeting can be held in Deauville. "Philippe Augier, Mayor of Deauville

"We are aware that the Festival carries hopes, in particular the hopes of the entire profession. Journalists, professionals, distributors and producers have been waiting for this festival for a while, as we will finally meet again, finally we will have a big screen. [...] We are not a Festival of entertainment (of entertainment), we are a festival which carries an art which is cinema. This art, even if it does not roll back the covid, in any case it can give hope, and perhaps fight against fear, fear is natural, but at the same time you have to live. And that is life. " Bruno Barde, Director General of Public System Cinema

"The Americans will not be present but this allows two things. On the one hand, it allows us to reaffirm that the cinema is above all films, we can bring stars but if there are no films , there is no cinema, this reaffirms the power of the cinematographic work. On the other hand, we are also lucky to be in 2020 with digital access. Each director of the competition will present his film in digital during a daily meeting on social networks in the form of an interview with the presenter Jenny Godula, well known of the Festival, thus allowing all audiences to enter into discussion with them. Finally, Michael Douglas will not come for obvious reasons, but he remains very attached to the tribute paid to his father during this 46th edition. He prepared a speech and answered questions, he wrote very moving and very strong texts, really taking the time to speak, which will be shown during the festival. "

Safe access

All precautions are taken to guarantee the protection of festival-goers, whether in the context of screenings, professional meetings or more fun times:
> The reception areas are cleaned and disinfected regularly.
> The ventilation of the CID is controlled, the air is renewed.
> Wearing a mask is compulsory in all Festival venues, at all times:
- indoors: in the CID and the rooms of the Casino and the Morny
- outside: around the red carpet, in the queues and on the Festival terraces (mask removal allowed once seated to eat).
> The capacity of the rooms is adapted to meet current health requirements.
> Hydroalcoholic solutions are available at the entrance to the CID, the Casino and the Morny, and on the Festival terraces.
> Physical distancing is recommended.

An asset for the economic life and the image of Deauville

Everyone knows Deauville's attachment to cinema. This attachment takes forms and generates more and more activities, which positively impact the economic life of the city and its image. This is why the City of Deauville is proud to once again welcome and support the Festival, and thanks the partners, in particular the Barrière Group, who carry it with it.

Festival figures in 2019: the economic impact on the territory is around 33 million euros, particularly in the transport / access part to the Deauville destination, but also accommodation for 18%, catering for 16 % and local businesses for 12%. The repercussions are also social since this production of events and the reception of festival-goers makes it possible to create or maintain 700 jobs.

A new trophy

© Léo Lemasson

Since the creation of the competition in 1995, a trophy has been awarded to each award-winning film. The design of this trophy was never really finalized. For this 46th edition, a precise order was made to Karl Lagasse, regional artist and author of the last trophies of the Festival, in order to create one that lasts over time, inspired by one of the symbols of Deauville: the design of the barriers. which separate the cabins on the Boards. The City of Deauville is already using this symbol through a gift given to actors and directors when they come to inaugurate a booth in their name on the legendary promenade.

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