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Elsa Texier Solal

Invited to the 2018 Books & Music Festival

Elsa Texier Solal teaches at the University of the Sorbonne Nouvelle Censier Paris III. She wrote for France Culture, she worked on different forms of writing: novel, screenplays. Dramatic author of some twenty plays staged and created in France and abroad, she is the guest of Georgetown University in Washington to present these texts around the figures of women such as: "The one who came from 'elsewhere from Hannah Arendt', 'Olympe de Gouges' as well as her theater novel 'L'Autre guerre' published by Syllepse on violence and women. For 20 years, she has worked on the living memory of women of all origins, considered in their relationship to citizenship, violence or exile. For 4 years she has been working on male / female, girl / boy stereotypes with a historian sociologist, Dominique Loiseau, and a doctoral research 3st cycle from different mythologies.

Latest creations:
The Master of Time, created by Florence Lavaud, (director, Prix Molière young audience).
Terror -Olympe de Gouges, Maison des Métallos and at the Lucernaire 2013-2014
Wing beats at the United Steelworkers. November 17.

Latest publications:
Angela Davis, Junior South Acts.
Olympe de Gouges, collection those who said no, Actes Sud junior.
Leonard Peltier Actes Sud Collection those who said no, Actes Sud junior.
No to individualism. Collection those who said no, Actes Sud junior.
No to intolerance. Collection those who said no 2015 Actes Sud junior.
Wing flaps. Female / Male Clichés. Preface by Michelle PERROT Editions Les Cahiers de l'Egaré. 2015