The Prix des Ados (Teenager Prize) has become a crucial event for secondary school students. Discover the key of the success of the 1st teenager literary prize in Normandy, supported by both students and professors!

© Sandrine Boyer Engel
© Sandrine Boyer Engel
© Sandrine Boyer Engel

The Prix des Ados (Teenager Prize), created in 2009, is a joint initiative of “Espaces Culturels E. Leclerc de Normandie” and the Books and Music Festival of Deauville. The reading committee selects in summer four works whose common thread is music. At the beginning of the year, the last two classes of the secondary school (years 10 and 11) register and receive a set of books offered by the Espaces Culturels Leclerc. During the school year, the students explore the multiple universes of these books and select their favourite one through written, video, musical and artistic projects…then, in March, they will vote for their favourite book.

During the school day, a great Teenager Prize awarding ceremony, presented by a literary journalist and switching between discussions and music, gathers the authors and 1,500 young jury members coming from throughout the region for this event. The ceremony of this new edition will take place on Friday April 2017 at 10 am at the International Centre of Deauville.

The Prize is € 1,000 and the winner’s book is promoted in all the Espaces Culturels Leclerc of France. Discover the latest information about the Teenager Prize on our blog here.

© Sandrine Boyer Engel

The 2017 selection: 4 books inspired by music

(Editions Jungle)
(Editions Actes Sud Papiers)
Run Billie
(Editions Gallimard Jeunesse)

La fée de Verdun
(Editions Flammarion Jeunesse)

Serge Gainsbourg, son of Russian immigrants, has revolutionized French music of the 1970s. His deliberately commercial approach, originating from his own failure in text songs, has upset the codes of popular songs. This fury to win his place in a field that wasn’t his own made him fly too close to the sun. As a result, he started to produce masterpieces. Serge Gainsbourg, a great poet drowning his childhood dreams in alcohol, reminds us that ambiguous feelings lead nowhere. In a secondary school class, the teacher announces an oral test about the subject taught: hip-hop culture. The selected student must mention major works, big names, and important dates. Practice rapidly takes priority over theory, the student and the professor start rapping and the exam is transformed into a clash, a battle, a graffiti competition. On the evening of their first concert at the legendary Bataclan, the members of pop-rock group Run Billie are over the moon. Such a glory in such a short time! But just before the show, their dream breaks: Billie, the group singer, has disappeared. What has happened to her? Kidnapping? Suicide? Detective Luka Prajnic runs the investigation, taking deposition from JB, Dams and Moosh, the drummer, dating with her, and all the entourage of the young woman. Who is Billie? What was she looking for, and could not get from success? “The more she sang, the more soldiers turned to the scene and listened.  The magic of music was there: WWI French soldiers stopped thinking about war. They were just happy to be there, to enjoy this moment of peace.”  One day, I heard about Nelly Martyl, a currently forgotten opera singer of the Golden Age. Then I went to look for her, in the middle of the war. My investigation lead me to the freezing entrenchments of Verdun, where I could admire the strength of her courage.  


The Teenager Prize winners since its creation:
2016: Tristan Koëgel, Bluebird, Éditions Didier Jeunesse
2015: Vincent Brunner, Platine, Éditions Flammarion
2014: Nathalie Le Gendre, Ecoute battre mon cœur, Éditions Flammarion
2013: Yann Le Quellec & Romain Ronzeau, Love is in the air guitare, Éditions Delcourt
2012: Isabelle Duquesnoy, Constance fiancée de Mozart, Éditions Gallimard Jeunesse
2011: Christian Binet, Haut de Gamme, Éditions Dargaud
2010: Paule du Bouchet, Chante Luna, Éditions Gallimard Jeunesse
2009: Reinhard Kleist, Johnny Cash : une vie (1932-2003), Éditions Dargaud

The 2017 Teenager Prize, in a nutshell:
- 2,900 enrolled students and as many books offered by the Espaces Culturels Leclerc!
- 123 classes of 59 institutes of 5 Norman departments, from Cherbourg to Fécamp.
- A varied selection of 4 books dealing with about music
- About ten meetings dedicated to teenagers during the school day
- About one hundred questions for the authors!