Teaching commitment

Cérémonie de remise des prix © Sandrine Boyer Engel
Atelier scolaire ©DR

The Book and Music Festival is a venue of exchanges and discussions for all book and music lovers and also a place of teaching, initiation, learning and comprehension for students and young participants. In the last ten years of cultural evolution, this Festival has given new impetus to reading in school and has worked together with teachers to prepare a special school day, attended every year by 2,000 students – from the nursery to the last year of secondary school. They come from the whole Normandy to share unique instants with the authors invited to the Festival. Music and literature are the protagonists, together with society topics or book publishing sectors, of workshop meetings, discussions or concerts.

Atelier scolaire ©DR

More about the event

The Teenager Prize organized by the Books and Music Festival of Deauville and the Leclerc Cultural Spaces of Normandy became, in about eight years, a fundamental event for an increasing amount of Norman middle and high school pupils. Every year, a new attendance record is hit. The large auditorium of the Centre International de Deauville has become too small! The key of this success: a selection of books concerning the favourite subject for students of this age: music. The objective is stimulating this young public to explore the literary world beyond textbooks.

This literary prize created in 2004 is assigned by Normand students attending the last year of lower secondary school and the first year of upper secondary school. The Directorate of Caen Academy decided to collaborate to this project starting from the second edition. At the beginning of each school year, the E. Leclerc Cultural Spaces distribute to middle and high school students at least 2,000 books. Four different books are selected by teachers and booksellers, ensuring that fields and reading levels are not the same. These texts are read, analyzed in class and voted by each student, in April, in the E. Leclerc Cultural Spaces. Prizes are assigned to the authors during a school day in which authors and students gather in the “grand auditorium” of the “Centre International de Deauville”. During this day, more private meetings between students and writers are organized. The Prize corresponds to € 1,000. The winner book is put forward in all Leclerc Cultural Spaces of France. In 2015, the prize has attracted 2,600 voters and involved 57 educational establishments and 100 classes.

Awarded authors since the creation of the prize


2009: Reinhardt Kleist, Johnny Cash, a comic strip biography
2010: Paule du Bouchet, Chante Luna, a heartbreaking novel taking place in the Warsaw ghetto
2011: Christian Binet, Haut de Gamme, the adventures of a piano professor
2012: Isabelle Duquesnoy, Constance, the fiancé of Mozart, invented personal diary of Constance Mozart 
2013: Le Quellec et Ronzeau, Love is in the Air Guitare