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April 27th

Taste ! In the Bellevue kitchens

[Recipe] Pollack fillets, caramel-lime sauce, simmered vegetables

In pictures, follow the recipe step by step, the chef's tips and tricks

Helene Reitzaum

Chef of the gourmet restaurant of the hotel Le Bellevue in Villerville, Mickaël Roy takes us into his kitchens for the preparation of a Filet of pollack from La Mancha, caramel-lime sauce, accompanied by a simmered organic vegetables in from the Ferme du château in Villerville: carrots, beets and turnips, but also black cabbage from Tuscany and mizuna.

The opportunity for him to detail the creation of a scallop, the artistic peeling of a "turned" mushroom, the differentiated cooking of vegetables, the deicing of a caramel with lemon juice, or the choice of pollack and its preparation in fillets. Without forgetting the art of plate dressing.

How to raise a fish fillet?

This disciple of Escoffier prepares at Bellevue a "traditional cuisine which follows the course of the seasons and works locally with Norman suppliers" for meat and fish. Fish and seafood are also the specialty of the establishment, whose dining room offers a magnificent view of the sea.