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May 02th

Taste ! At the Manoir d'Apreval

Manufacturing secrets

In the image, a guided tour of the distillery, from the press to the winery.

Helene Reitzaum

December, at the Manoir d'Apreval (Pennedepie - Nord Pays d'Auge). Agathe Letellier, producer of organic ciders and apple juice, Calvados Pays d'Auge and pommeau de Normandie, is busy with her team around the cuvée of the day. This involves rinsing, sorting by hand, grating and extracting the juice of these apples stored in a bag for a month and a half in the press.

“There will then be another cuvée, without storage this time, in immediate collection and crushing, on the same day. We will be done by mid-December, ”explains Agathe Letellier, at the head of this estate which offers guided tours of the orchards in the cellar, through the press and the winery, and tastings of products from its 17 varieties. of apples and pears. “There is a vintage effect which explains why we do not harvest the same apples at all each year. They will have more or less density, nitrogen or sugar depending on the temperature throughout the year, during brewing and fermentation ”.

Bitterness is typical of the Pays d'Auge.
Agathe Letellier, Manoir d'Apreval
Helene Reitzaum

The winery then accommodates “all the juices obtained from September to December for the manufacture of apple juice, cider, cider to be distilled - which is the basis of Calvados - and even the musts that are created to make the pommeau. Depending on its destination, the juice will undergo different treatment on our part ”. After fermentation, the cider (fermented apple juice) will be bottled in February according to three distinct cuvées (Moelleux - Brut - AOP Pays d'Auge), produced each year at the Manoir d'Apreval.

What does the Pays d'Auge PDO guarantee? How to define the “Pays d'Auge taste” and what aromatic nuances in the apple varieties? With which dishes to associate sweet and raw ciders? In the company of Benjamin Preston, owner of the Bistro Fleuri (Villerville) who offers ciders and calvados from Manoir d'Apreval at his table, Agathe Letellier invites you on a guided tour, in pictures, of her distillery.