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Alexandre Bavard


Guest of the 2021 L'Appel du Large festival

Born in 1987, Alexandre Bavard was trained at the École Boulle then at the École des Beaux-Arts in Lyon. It is this dual journey, between decorative and visual arts, that has led him to explore different mediums since the beginning of his practice. Coming from the culture of graffiti, this multidisciplinary artist began by working with painting and drawing. Gradually, he took hold of performance, sculpture and installation. Explorer, he collects in urban areas the objects and subjects which come to feed the universe which he elaborates since the beginning of an already international career. The Garikula, Forth Smith or even Neo-Archelogia projects are to be understood as a work of restitution of these years to explore the territory to penetrate a present promised to architectural changes. These exhibitions recreate the atmosphere of these no man's land areas that surround the cities.


As part of the L'Appel du Large festival which will take place from July 2 to 4, 2021, a performance by Alexandre Bavard is scheduled at the Franciscans. More information on L'Appel du Large here.