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Guests of the 2021 L'Appel du Large festival

We are all SUZANNE. SUZANNE is interested in bodies, in their raw expression, but also in more refined and precise gestures. It is inspired by the small gestures that accompany us every day. She likes to reveal them, combine them, sublimate them and lead them to dance; each movement is for her a pretext for creation. Strongly influenced and engaged in a complex and rich news, SUZANNE is the fictitious figure necessary to represent a communion of ideas, identities and statuses to envision a sober and composed choreographic writing. It is also quite important for him to oppose this rigor to the improvisation of the dancers, to their physical and psychological limits thus revealing their singularities, from the elegance of fatigue to the most imperceptible beauty.


As part of the L'Appel du Large festival which will take place from July 2 to 4, 2021, SUZANNE offers a performative work entitled "STATU". This living and performative installation of an algorithmic simulation applied to an alphabet of daily life gestures tends to evaluate man and his capacities for success and "bug"; its physical and psychological limits. More information on L'Appel du Large here.