Go on a tour of the film sets of ‘A Monkey in Winter’

In 1962, the movie « Un singe en hiver » was shot in Villerville. Inhabitants are attached to this film and proud of it.
Each year, a there is a firework on the last weekend of October, like in the movie. Film-lovers come to walk on the shooting scene which is still here and noticed by markers (map available at the Tourist Information Office of Villerville).
Claude Pinoteau wrote, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary : « That’s strange how a major work can be accomplished by replacing a failed project. Renouncing the movie « Au large de l’Eden », Jean Gabin forced Henri Verneuil and Michel Audiard to find another theme, within a strict deadline imposed by the contract. Premonition ? Chance ? That servitude produced a masterpiece. The credit goes to Audiard who suggested, at the very last moment, Antoine Blondin’s novel « Un singe en hiver ». Everything went so incredibly, as if the film had pre-existed and
bloomed finally free : cast, staging, dialogs, scenery, work plan... The movie was « graceful ». When I was looking for the perfect location, from the Picardy coast to Cotentin to find the « Tigreville » of the novel, Villerville came to me as evidence. Verneuil adopted it from pictures ».
Visit with a passionated guide on demand in summer at the Tourist Information Office of Villerville.