Deauville opens beach umbrellas and raises sails

Jean-Claude Boscher

Deauville, born from the sand and the sea, has always loved the sound of waves, the cry of gulls and the nice view of sails inflated by the wind. With all due respect to Tristan Bernard, saying “Deauville, so close to Paris and so far from the sea”, visitors come to Deauville to see the sea and to enjoy sport events, beach leisure activities and sailing opportunities.

Both adults and children relax and discover different ways to enjoy the sea in their own way: sand yachts, catamarans or simply deckchairs in front of the sea.

Deauville undoubtedly owes to the sea its success as a key seaside resort.

François Balogh

Deauville is my home port. I started here my career and I keep in mind great sailing moments, such as the “Quarter Ton Cup” or the “1000 milles” of Deauville. Deauville made me passionate for sailing!

François Balogh Professional skipper


-1,400 m of coast;
-2 ports in the city-centre with 1,250 moorings – 2nd reception capacity in Basse-Normandie;
-Sailing district, the Presqu’île, great project of urban redevelopment of the City of Deauville;
-Technical water surface organization, appreciated by regatta sailors of the North Sea;
-Sailing school with the “Ecole Française de Voile” label;
-Boardwalk, worldwide legendary seaside promenade.

Deauville is not only a port for boaters, as many regional, national or international competitions consider Deauville an essential stop of their itinerary. In 2007, the city renewed the tradition, which used to consider Deauville as one of the main stops of the Dragon de France, welcoming the Open international de France de Dragon.

Several annual regattas are organized by the Deauville Yacht Club, the sailing school of Deauville, especially the Cowes-Deauville race…

In 2013 Deauville was one of the ports of the “Tour de France à la Voile”, international sailing event open to the public, and in 2016 Deauville will host the departure of the Solitaire du Figaro for the second time.

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