Story 21: Going back to Jurassic times
The Cliffs of the Black Cows in Villers-sur-MerPierre Queron

160 million years ago, during the Jurassic period,
Normandy was covered by a tropical sea.
The long geological history of the region explains the diversity
and the wealth of rocks, exploited mineral resources,
soils, cliffs but also fossils.

The Black Cow Cliffs


Famous excavation site, the Black Cow Cliffs in Villers-sur-Mer come from the accumulation of Jurassic marine sediment deposits, a gold mine of gems from another time. In these alternations of marl and limestone, preserved in geological layers and reliefs resulting from different erosion processes, many fossils have been discovered: pliosaurs, ichthyosaurs, marine crocodiles, but also ammonites, sea urchins, sponges ... deposit even delivered dinosaur remains!

The Black Cows, paleontological treasure of the Côte FleurieEtienne Chognard
The Black Cows, paleontological treasure of the Côte Fleurie © Etienne Chognard
The Paléospace


To preserve and share scientific discoveries with the public, the Paleospace, museum dedicated to local paleontology, exhibits fossils dating from several eras and notes the evolution of flora and fauna since the Jurassic. It offers visitors a permanent exhibition space of 300 m² focused on the interpretation of three sites located in Villers-sur-Mer: the Black Cow Cliffs, marshes of Blonville-Villers and Greenwich Mean Time. Spectacular, interactive and sensory reconstructions make it a cultural, scientific but also fun place. Its 360 ° planetarium regularly organizes screening sessions to discover the cosmos.

Explore paleontology at the Paléospace in Villers-sur-MerPaleospace / Gregory Wait
Explore paleontology at the Paléospace in Villers-sur-Mer © Paléospace / Gregory Wait
The Cliffs of the Roches Noires


A little further, between Trouville-sur-Mer and Villerville, the Cliffs of the Roches Noires constitute an excellent natural cross section of the geological formations of the Upper Jurassic period of the Pays d'Auge. Composed of clay, they border the coast for 4 km, alternating gentle slopes and vertical walls and culminating at 60 meters above sea level. By following the bottom of the cliffs, one can observe the successive formations: with the oldest whitish and greyish limestones, visible in Trouville-sur-Mer, succeed more recent marls in Villerville. These formations show a wide variety of traces of biological activity.

Les Roches Noires, 4km of cliffs between Trouville-sur-Mer and VillervilleEtienne Chognard
Les Roches Noires, 4km of cliffs between Trouville-sur-Mer and Villerville © Etienne Chognard
Discover a Jurassic site


  1. Visit the Paléospace with a mediator
  2. Walk along the cliffs of Vaches Noires and Roches Noires with a guide
  3. Collect fossils on the beach of Villers-sur-Mer
  4. Observe nature at the Marais de Blonville-Villers
  5. Watch the sun set over the sea from the Greenwich Meridian
View of old earsJulien Boisard
View of old ears © Julien Boisard
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Guided tours (Jurassic Odyssey, Meridian and Astronomy, Dinosaurs of Normandy), visit with tablet (Jurassic Quest), exhibitions, workshops-courses during the B and C school holidays, planetarium sessions.


Black Cow Cliffs
Guided tours organized by the Paléospace: Discovery of the Black Cow Cliffs (3km - 2h), Crossing of the Black Cow Cliffs (6km - 3h30). All the visit dates here.
Walking tour "From the top to the feet of the Black Cow Cliffs of Villers-sur-Mer" (6,9km - 2h) departing from Villers Tourisme. See theitinerary here.


Cliffs of the Roches Noires
Accompanied nature outing (3km - 2h), guided tour (adult and child) offered by the Paléospace, sea trip on a sailboat, old rig or in a kayak to see the cliffs from the sea.



Blonville-Villers Marsh
Guided nature walks: Discovery of the Blonville-Villers marsh (1h30), Between beach and marsh (1h30), Photo safari in rosalie in the marsh (5km - 2h), Discovering flora and fauna (5-6km - 3h), Walk in the marsh of Coâa the green frog (for children from 5 years old - 1h30).

All visit dates here.



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