Story 1: See the sea
Sunset at VillervilleCity of Villerville

The six beaches along the inDeauville territory each cultivate their own atmosphere:

family, steep, sporty, scientific, Californian ... There are nevertheless some points in common.

The first is the permanent monitoring of water for optimal quality.

In addition to the national surveillance carried out by the Regional Health Agency, the inDeauville territory

takes its own samples every day from June to September for close monitoring.

More exotic, the style of the cabins and the colors of the parasols which differ from one to another.

The decor can change every day of his vacation.

In Villerville



The narrow and colorful streets of Villerville lead down to the sea and its two beaches: the Graves beach to the west and the Bains beach to the east. The latter is not accessible at high tide but it can be walked along the dike which dominates it at the foot of the steep cliffs of Roches Noires.


→ Unmissable

  1. Le Graves Park which dominates the eponymous beach with its pedestrian paths, picnic tables and play areas.
  2. The Cliffs of the Roches Noires, 4 km of clay cliffs bordering the coast.
The Villerville dike, a cliff-side walkBab XIII
The Villerville dike, a walk along the cliffs © Bab XIII

Villerville beach

In Deauville



Two kilometers of beach, 450 umbrellas, 450 cabins, sports fields, children's clubs, a garden, 22 shops: Deauville beach has just about anything to suit everyone. Immortalized by Claude Lelouch in the film "A man and a woman", its Art Deco cabin decor appeals to lovers, vacationers, swimmers, athletes, riders and jockeys all year round.


→ Unmissable

  1. Rent a bath cabin ou an umbrella.
  2. Walk along the Boardwalk and his art deco decor (1923): the lists are marked with the names of the directors and actors invited each year to the American Film Festival. And it has been going on since 1975!
  3. Watch the horse show who come to relax here early in the morning or at sunset.
The Pompeian baths, DeauvilleMaia Flore for the Festival Planches Contact / Agence VU '
The Pompeian baths, Deauville © Maia Flore for the Planches Festival Contact / Agence VU '

Deauville beach

In Tourgéville



This village stretches all the way through the Auge countryside. At its northern end, its popular beach. The sunset is majestic there.


→ Unmissable

  1. La Villa Mors : this large villa with neo-Gothic architecture dominates the beach. It was built in 1905 by the Mors brothers, automotive engineers famous for their racing success.
Tourgéville beach hutsPaloma Gabet
Tourgéville beach huts

Tourgéville beach

In Bénerville-sur-Mer



Here, no less than three beaches to explore: Lais de Mer beach on the border with Tourgéville; the beach of La Garenne, very lively with its children's club and its restaurant; and the Ammonites beach, wilder which allows you to reach Blonville-sur-Mer at low tide.


→ Unmissable

  1. The Ammonite first aid station with its Californian air. Also to see at sunset.
Californian atmosphere in Bénerville-sur-MerBab XIII
Californian atmosphere in Bénerville-sur-Mer

Bénerville-sur-Mer beach

In Blonville-sur-Mer



Accessible from the city center, Blonville-sur-Mer beach is lined with small boards that run alongside a children's club and a sailing club. We rent all-white cabins and white and blue parasols in front of breathtaking seaside villas. Further on, the Goblins beach becomes wilder. It is the starting point towards the marshes of Blonville-Villers and its nature walks, then Villers-sur-Mer, where another story begins.


→ Unmissable

  1. Le beach club for children, an institution for 70 years!
  2. Le Blonville-Villers Marsh : a protected natural space for rare and diverse flora and fauna.
Blonville-sur-Mer beach, bordered by seaside villasBab XIII
Blonville-sur-Mer beach, bordered by seaside villas

Blonville-sur-Mer beach

In Villers-sur-Mer



This time, we are at the center of the world! The first French city to be crossed by the Greenwich meridian, the long beach also bears witness to the Belle Époque with its picturesque villas. Its particularity: the Black Cow Cliffs, a geological curiosity dating from the Jurassic period. For those who are less history buff, the beach is the site of many sporting and fun events and tournaments all summer.


→ Unmissable

  1. The beach huts, which can be rented in summer.
  2. Le carousel, an institution ! There is no shortage of activities for children, including outdoor swimming pool where you learn to swim at the right temperature.
  3. Le Greenwich Mean Time materialized by an esplanade. There, the longitude is exactly 0!
Beachfront in Villers-sur-MerDelphine Barré-Lerouxel
Beachfront in Villers-sur-Mer

Villers-sur-Mer beach

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