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Frédéric Stehr

Guest at the 2017 Books & Music Festival

Born sixth in a family of seven children in 1956, Frédéric Stehr very briefly attended the screen printing section of the Professional School of Graphic Arts in Paris.
He preferred, by far, the public gardens to sketch for hours on end and also abandoned the Fine Arts in favor of various odd jobs to make a living.
It was during an interim mission to the leisure school, which will become his publishing house, that his desire to draw and tell in pictures was confirmed: "I learned to tell stories alongside by Arthur Hubschmid and Marcus Osterwalder. "
His first album, I'm not hungry, appeared in 1983. Since then, he has published around sixty albums, including the series of Ovens with his brother, Gérald Stehr, that of Hugs with Alain Broutin, and that of Mariette and Sigh written by Irène Schwartz.                     

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