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Miriam stanke

Young talent photographer of the 2015 Planche (s) Contact festival

© Caroline Amos for Board (s) Contact 2015

In pursuit of beauty

"Inspired at the outset by the ideas of impressionist painters, the series explores the polarity of beauty. It plays with the human feeling, always inclined to reach perfection. By exploring the artificial social success that this seaside city carries within it and its contradictions as for its daily beauty, Deauville finally comes to life, not by its ideal but by its moments of imperfection - the contrast of fairy-like places without life, ordinary moments, and nature which finally takes back its rights. The city's appeal seems to reside in this mutual coexistence: that of the interaction between wild life and repetition of ordinary moments of life, which force the passer-by to take a break and observe this beauty which turns out to be almost perfect as well as unreally artificial. "