TOUQUES - JUNE 17, 2023


The medieval city invites you to relive the era of the Dukes of Normandy, Vikings, troubadours and knights.

Every year, Touques plunges back into the past to celebrate its heritage as the second largest city in Normandy during the Middle Ages. The town puts on its medieval colors for the evening, inviting visitors to feast in a convivial and flamboyant atmosphere. At the end of the evening, visitors are invited to gather in the wash-house parking lot to watch a grand fireworks display that will bring the event to a fitting close. It's an opportunity to discover the town's history through the daily lives of the peasants of the time, as well as those of the acrobats and men-at-arms. 

Between 4pm and 10pm, Il était une cave wine merchants in Toulon will be honoring the grape variety emblematic of the medieval period with a free tasting on the theme of "goat and chenin". 

Starting at 7pm, a grand medieval ball, hosted by the Carité de Guingamor, a company of cheerful jugglers specializing in dance demonstrations and initiations, will set the pace for the early evening. A dancing master will guide you through the steps, whether you're unsure or experienced, as part of a troupe dressed in elaborate period costumes.

In the second half of the evening, at 11 p.m., a remarkable fire show by l'Arche en Sel, a street arts company specializing in fire and pyrotechnic displays, presents a fairytale universe inspired by legends and mythologies, particularly Celtic and Nordic.
Ballets de feu, tourbillons d'étincelles, phénix, marionnettes géantes, rhythmic and dynamic shows will thrill spectators in the Lavoir parking lot near Saint-Thomas church.




Touques, a medieval town with a rich history
The town's heyday came during the late Middle Ages. Thanks to its bustling port, Touques became an obligatory stopover for Dukes and Kings on their way to England. This, combined with the exploitation of the town's 52 salt pans, led to considerable economic growth in Touques during the 13th century.
The first Duke of Normandy, the Scandinavian Viking Rollon, fortified the castle of Bonneville sur Touques to protect himself from possible sea attacks. Later, it was also at Bonneville sur Touques that William the Conqueror gathered his barons to finalize strategies for the conquest of English territory.


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