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Smith & Diplomats


Guest Photographer - 2021 Contact Plates


SMITH is a graduate of the National School of Photography (Arles) and of Fresnoy (National Studio of Contemporary Arts). Photographer, visual artist, director and researcher, he explores the thought and practice of metamorphosis: transition of genre, era and state, plasticities, atomic hybridizations, biotechnological mutations and dream work have marked his proposals for ten years. . SMITH now observes the cosmic porosities of human identity, through a polycephalous and polymorphic research and creation methodology. Imagined with the astrophysicist Jean-Philippe Uzan in 2017, Désidération takes the form of a common dream in which the proposals of the writer Lucien Raphmaj, the designer Matthieu Prat (DIPLOMATES), the composer Gaspar Claus, the performers François combine. Chaignaud and Nadège Piton, like a blob extending in all directions of the imagination. His works have been presented in the form of personal exhibitions at the Rencontres internationales de la photographie d'Arles, at the Les filles du calvaire gallery, at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, at the Helsinki Museum of Photography, but also in many countries in Europe (Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain, Italy ...), Asia (China, Cambodia, South Korea), Latin America (Mexico, Chile, Uruguay) as well as USA. SMITH founded the Cosmiel cell in 2018 with the writer Lucien Raphmaj and the astrophysicist Jean-Philippe Uzan. Together, they collaborate with the studio DIPLOMATES on the occasion of their joint project Désidération. He is represented by the Les filles du calvaire gallery.

Smith in Normandy - Desideration (Noctural-Deauville)

SMITH, invited to Deauville, continues his “Désidération” project, in collaboration with DIPLOMATES. Made during a moonless night during the second confinement, these images describe a disastrous Deauville, where disappear, in a last blink, the celestial objects that are closest to us, leaving our melancholy earthly environment, orphan of energy. stars. This series is presented as a new chapter in the nocturnal photographic diary of Anamanda Sîn, a transformative figure embodying the terrestrial in search of the celestial in places that are sometimes urban, sometimes deserted, in solitary communities or with individuals populated by worlds. Anamanda's sensitive vision is embodied in thermal images which do not show things, but relationships: between light and heat, the living and the non-living, human and non-human vision, presence and absence. The series exhibition will be staged by Diplomates, accomplices of SMITH since the first forms of the project exhibited since 2019 at MacVal, LACE - Los Angeles Contemporary Projects, the Galerie les Filles du Calvaire and the Rencontres d'Arles. Recent publications: “Désidération (prologue)” Textuel editions (2021) & “Desiderea Nuncia” Palais books (2021).

Installation and projection

Les Franciscaines, 145b Avenue de la République - Tuesday to Sunday 10:30 am to 18:30 pm

Petit Bain (Boulevard de la Mer, in front of the Olympic swimming pool)

Olympic pool