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On August 15, 1931, Georges Simenon was already a famous writer. He had just created the character of Maigret two years earlier. He was invited to Deauville to sign his works. He comes aboard his yacht, the Ostrogoth and moor in the Yachts basin. During this immersion in Deauville, Simenon made provision for images and sensations. The writer who likes to paint a real world has a writing in touch with life. He will get a new policewoman from it: The Florist Deauville and will evoke this stay in 1977 in one of his collections of memories: Semicolon.

« At that time, around 1931, when I was twenty-eight, Deauville was like the summer center of the elegant world. Private planes of wealthy Englishmen landed non-stop. Others came from more distant countries in powerful cars. There weren't many hotels in Deauville and many of the world's great people were happy to find a bathtub to sleep in… »

Georges Simenon: Semicolon,
Presses de la Cité, 1979