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Delicatessen, Take Away

Gourmet, local and eco-responsible, this is the promise of the small dishes of Mydelistore, the new address of the Dubois & Du Vin de Touques restaurant. The team's credo: “home-made” fast food… you can eat fast and GOOD!

On the plate - or rather in the glass jars, totally recyclable and durable, which preserve the integrity of the taste - seasonal products from Norman producers, cooked to the best of their taste; And hot or cold creative sandwiches made in breads with original recipes. Rather sweet? Desserts and ice creams are also concocted here.

You can order online, have it delivered or eaten on site. Convenient, isn't it? We also like the pretty selection of groceries.

Mydelistore - 4 2021 BabXIII -