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Jourdainne Aktion Immobilier

Estate Agents, Private Concierge

Avenue Michel d'Ornano


Jourdainne Aktion Immobilier is all the know-how of a renowned real estate agency, established in Normandy since 1969. A team of professionals who are experts in their market, who offer you all the services related to real estate in such a special sector than Deauville and its surroundings.

To carry out a transaction or rent a property, you will find at Jourdainne Aktion attentive listening to your needs, your expectations, and a detailed analysis of the possibilities.

Also benefit from all the services of a concierge with Jourdainne Aktion in Deauville (Calvados) and the surrounding area
• Owner of a house or an apartment, you want to get rid of all the chores before, during and after your stay?
• Do you want to make your property profitable as a seasonal rental, but without having to manage the entry and exit of tenants?
• One-off or regular tenant in Deauville, you prefer to enjoy your entire stay without worrying about housekeeping?

Butler has been designed for you. By taking care of anything that encroaches on your free time, Jourdainne Aktion's concierge service lets you enjoy 100% of your leisure time. By calling on the best service providers and artisans in the region for you, Majord'home guarantees you perfect service, as much to take care of your house, your garden or your swimming pool in your absence as to organize all your activities during your stay.

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