© Kishin Shinoyama
© 1616 Prod

2013 Guest of the Planche(s) Contact Festival

Since the end of the 1960’s, Kishin Shinoyama’s work has been mainly focused on nude images: classic, perfectly composed nudes with subtle color plays or black and white variations. Nowadays, he is one of the most notable Japanese photographers. He has written over 350 books – his first, 28 Girls, was published in 1968 - some of which have been sold at over 700 000 copies in Japan.  

To him, photography is a mirror reflecting time and periods. It is through this mirror that he represented Deauville:  The expression of nudity constantly changes according to times, places, countries’ beliefs, laws, common sense. And according to these elements, there are certain liberties and prohibitions...New expressions of nudity are still possible”. 

According to Shinoyama, nudity is not only expressed through the female body: the environment in which women live is determining. He also photographs places: he has written several books on houses of great artists such as Man Ray, Italian movie director Luchino Visconti, and writer Mishima.

His invitation at the Deauville Planche(s) Contact festival was quite eventful for it was the first time that nudity was presented in the photographic creations of the festival. Kishin Shinomaya’s work also allowed mixing imaginary representations of Deauville and Japan. Most of his photographs were shot in the Calouste Gulbenkian park.