Slimming stays in Thalasso

3 cures to reconcile with your body

Because it is difficult to start a diet and even more so to keep it, the Thalassos offer stays of a week to get your body back in hand. Based on marine treatments, aquatic sports activities and slimming technologies, the cures offer comprehensive and personalized support thanks to dietetic and sports consultations. An effective weekly format to acquire good habits that will prevent the return of extra pounds.

The principles of an adapted cure


Present in all cures, targeted thalassotherapy treatments such as hydromassage baths and jet showers boost blood circulation and combat orange peel skin. Specific to Thalassos, seaweed-based wraps and treatments help eliminate toxins and act on deep fat cells.

In addition to these traditional treatments, new innovative technologies are appearing in the Thalassos slimming programs. The Cellu M6 is a device which reproduces the famous technique of "palpate-roll", aiming at eliminating the fatty dimples and improving the tone of the skin. Initially intended for the recovery of athletes, cryotherapy also has slimming benefits. The principle is to expose the body to extreme temperatures up to -170 ° C; by fighting the cold, the body draws on energy reserves and burns calories. Finally, the Iyashi Dome - or Japanese sauna - emits dry heat by long infrared which causes intense sweating, activates the elimination of toxins and promotes the breakdown of fat.



In Thalasso, physical activity is in the spotlight, a necessary step to improve your physical condition, strengthen your muscles and refine your body. This is why a sports consultation is planned at the start of the treatment to assess the physical conditions of the spa client and guide them towards activities in line with their expectations. He will be able to take advantage of the seawater pools to practice Aquagym, Aquapower and Aquabiking or the beach for a Nordic or Longe Coast Walk.



To feel better in your body and in your head, a dietetic approach is essential during a Thalasso treatment. This is an opportunity to change your eating habits with personalized advice. During a consultation, a dietitian establishes a tailor-made program, adapted to the pace of life, the age and the needs of the spa guest using an OligoScan assessment. It allows the measurement of trace mineral reserves, oxidative stress and the presence of heavy metals in the body.

Our selection of cures

Deauville Thalasso by Algotherm


Slimming cure - 5 days


This tailor-made program includes a sports consultation, a dietary assessment, two private sports lessons and 20 treatments combining hydrotherapy and slimming treatments made with Algotherm products, specialist in the field.


From € 839. Learn more


Algotherm Thalasso Deauville

3 Sem Street
+ 02 31 87 72 00

Thalassa Sea & Spa Institute, Cures Marines Trouville


My Ma'Ligne Break & My Body Positive Break - 4 to 6 days


These two cures each offer a treatment program dedicated to fitness. Ma Pause Ma'Ligne is oriented towards slimming and weight loss when Ma Pause Body Positive aims to re-integrate sport into the daily life of the spa client.


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