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member of the Palmarès Jury of the 47th American Film Festival

Musician, DJ, Composer, Producer

"I believe in accident, in compulsion. I think there are a lot of artists who are semi-oblivious to what they've done."

After putting his talent as a producer at the service of others (Kavinsky, Frank Ocean, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Philippe Katerine), SebastiAn seduces the world of cinema with his original compositions for many award-winning films (Steak by Quentin Dupieux (2007), Notre day will come (2010) and Le Monde est à toi (2017) by Romain Gavras. He also collaborates with the Saint Laurent house, for which he has been producing the music for his parades for several years. SebastiAn has just completed a remix for Metallica at the occasion of the next reissue of their “Black Album.” He is currently producing other artists and is preparing to enter into preparation for his third album.