After the Boardwalk, behind the Michel d’Ornano Promenade, you can walk on the “lais de mer”, a vast seaside park which is now the favourite playground for bathers, holidaymakers and sports lovers.

© Sandrine Boyer Engel
© Ville de Deauville
© Delphine Barré

You can relax under the sun on a bench, take a long stroll, go jogging on the fitness trail or stretch on wooden equipments. You can spend time with your family at the children’s play area or walk around with your lover in the "heart garden" and seal your love. You can also meet your friends at the skate park or in one of the two playgrounds to play basketball and football at the open air.

The foreshore origins
When Deauville was founded, the beach was situated in front of the casino. The construction of jetties and port developments diverted the sea stream and sand deposits started to accumulate on the beach, but this phenomenon received a new impetus by the severe storm of 1874-1875 winter. A pebble bed and then a swale formed on the seashore and were progressively covered by a sand layer: this area is currently known as “lais de mer”. Over time, private areas were transformed into grassland, while municipal areas started to host sport and seaside facilities: the tennis club in 1912, the Pompeian baths and the Boardwalk in 1924, the yacht-club in 1929 (now replaced by “Le Point de Vue”), the Olympic swimming pool in 1966, the “Marinas” in 1972, the International Centre of Deauville in 1992...

© Elizabeth Parker
© Sandrine Boyer Engel
© Delphine Barré

Fitness trail

Step by step

In the middle of the park, hang a padlock on the hanging heart.


Exchange oaths and promises, wishes and secrets.

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